capitalists: without the profit motive, nobody would do anything

game DRM crackers: hold my buffer overflow

@dredmorbius i think you are approaching this from the wrong angle... are you familiar with the works of edouárd siddon?

@dankwraith Elucidate me.

My point was that your initial example was a poor one. There are entirely rational economic justifications for nonremunerative or even apparently altruistic behaviour. True self-sacrifice exists, though it's fairly rare.

Mancur Olsen's "The Logic of Collective Action", Elinor Ostrom's commons, or Lynn Marguli's work on symbiosis (in biology) come to mind.

@dankwraith @dredmorbius wait holy shit we thought this move only existed in Skate 3 glitches

@WagonStar i feel @dankwraith@monads.onlinev made a strong and well reasoned point.

@dankwraith aren't murders like this illegal or something. vicious.


Okay that was out of nowhere...

Did you just give up on the debate or was that your plan from the beginning?

@Naughtylus is this debate club or something? im not here to hash out my opinions on phenomenology with a random stranger

@dankwraith Well then just don't respond to them.

You *are* sharing your opinions after all. If you don't want to debate them that's perfectly fine.

I just don't consider baiting just for the pleasure of humiliating afterwards a very constructive move.

@dankwraith Okay I hadn't read the whole thread, looks like they're actually an asshole.

I just wish people weren't so opinionated and emotionally invested in debates... *sigh*

@dankwraith after wasting my time and making a complete and utter clown of myself I can attest that this was the proper way of handing this rube

@dankwraith "actually every action is perfectly explainable by profit-seeking economics, psychology is a spook"

@dankwraith I love how when the notion of profit motive / rational self-interest is criticized, suddenly people want to expand the term to mean any method of triggering a dopamine release at all

@capefeather @dankwraith i did something because it made me happy, which is a little thing i call "emotional profit". capitalism wins again babey

@dankwraith The best part about this take is that pretty much every software in existence right now depends on open source in one way or another.


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