if you think the main problem with socialism is bureaucracy i have some bad news for you about the structure of literally every corporate or government agency

americans: government bureaucracy is bad

also americans: the US military is the greatest organization of all time

it seems, too me, that the real problem is people not having access to power over what they are responsible for

People who yell "Big Government Bad" also demand higher military budgets at every opportunity.

@dankwraith it is SUPER WEIRD how the public discourse we have from the 19th century just blithely applies "bureaucracy" to private companies and governments alike, but in the 21st century people get really squeamish about referring to "the bureaucracy of uber" or "the bureaucracy of sears"

@dankwraith I hate bureaucracy so much, let's entrust the world to countless redundant, self-interested, unaccountable bureaucracies that fire you if you ask too many questions

@dankwraith Perhaps. But it could be as simple as, in this world of plenty, people are restricted from having enough.

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