i talk a lot about trains on here but i would like to make it publicly clear that i respect the noble Bus and its direct neighborhood to neighborhood transit capabilities.

also electric powered buses are soon to be widely available (unlike self driving cars, which are fake capitalist bullshit) and are currently in testing by several metro transit authorities and they are gonna kick ass


electric motors are much more efficient and simple machines than combustion motors, and they accelerate much more quickly and regain energy through braking, making them ideal for frequent start-stop usage. thats exactly what buses do! so you get reduced maintenance costs across the fleet and better performance from the vehicles themselves. win-win

@dankwraith i would love an electric bus
diesel fuckin sucks

@BDA the buses here run on CNG which is slightly better than diesel but metro is planning a full fleet conversion to electric, which is why i love them and want to kiss them.

@dankwraith pittsburgh has hybrid buses but they only go to fancy neighborhoods, us poor folks still have to put up with having our bones rattled

@dankwraith they have those streetcar buses downtown and they're so cool, I hope we get more of them

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