ive been riding public transit in this city for the better part of a decade now. union station downtown used to be a ghost town. now it is packed 24/7. why? because the city has massively developed its transit infrastructure.

this is a perfect illustration of the fact that when it comes to infrastructure, demand follows supply. if something is useful, people will use it more. a lack of people using public transit isnt an argument for not investing in it - its an argument for investing more

@dankwraith yeeesss. I’ve taken the train from the IE to union and then they have shuttles to dodger games and the lines are so long from people taking advantage and doing the same coming from everywhere, it’s beautiful. And expanding the rail lines has pumped up tourism in the surrounding areas too

@dankwraith There is no public transit where I live. I went to Anaheim and it was so wonderful. I never knew how much I wanted it until I had it.

@dankwraith I've noticed it here as well, and am wondering if we're talking about the same city (Los Angeles). I lived here years ago, when transit was a joke. Now, I don't even have a driver's license.

What city is this? I'm glad to hear that public transport is developed, and the name of the station suggests to me that this is in the US, which makes it even better (since they are famous for only using cars)

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