i think a very valid point is getting lost in the discourse which is that CWs are kind of a weak form of tagging and it would be useful to expand that so people have more individual control over what they are shown

what if instead of having to decide on norms as a community (which will never be fully agreed upon) and then yell at people to CW certain things, they were automatically CWed by a tagging system and people could put things behind a CW on the receiving end

i dont think anyone is arguing against CWs, but just suggesting that the way they are implemented now could be improved


e.g. person A makes a post and tags it as food related. person B has no food filters and sees the post plainly. person C has a CW filter for food so the post shows up behind a CW. person D has a block filter for food so they dont see the post at all

i think that sounds neat

@dankwraith This would be great. I wonder about the possibilities of making it possible for other people to tag your toots as well, though, so that way if Person A isn't so great at filling out the "Content" portion, others in the community can pick up that slack.

@dankwraith requiring that kind of decision to be made in advance rather than on the fly is kind of onerous for users with minimal needs, and for those with more specialized needs, there is already content-based filtering. I think probably a better way to go about it would be to add a setting to the existing filtering options to automatically put a content warning around posts matching some filters

@dankwraith I like the idea of being able to add tags or cw's to the post after the fact / on the receiving end...

But I like seeing the cw on posts even if I don't have a filter turned on for it. It gives me a better idea of what I'm expected to tag and makes people's issues more visible (I never would have thought to tag ec or food without taking the cue from other people)

@jennie i think the idea is you would create a culture around tagging posts. it lets you create positive filters too. "i want to see a bunch of nature posts" for example.

@dankwraith Yeah totally making the software support better would be great. I also feel like there's a social benefit to asking the poster to add tags themselves -- we're expecting everyone to think about how the things they're posting will effect others before they post them.

@dankwraith at the very least whitelists for tags that one is comfortable with would be great

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