lmao at all the free speech clowns in toots mentions. why is being able to connect to an internet nazi instance the big moral hill youre gonna die on. do you know how foolish you look doing this predictable shit every time. shut the fuck up

toot app: we are blocking gab on the app level

freespeechluvr69: the ability to connect to nazi instances is very important too me. i am not a nazi but i deeply care about this for some reason

@dankwraith they just love to make it easy for us to know who to interact with

@dankwraith "I may not agree with their vocal and obsessive hatred towards certain innocent groups of people, but I'll defend to the death their right to spew it." - Voltaire, aka "XxXfreespeechvoltiexXx" on the forums

@dankwraith I was surprised to see the announcement at first, but then I realized that a client-side instance blocklist is architecturally sound & unlikely to cause other problems, so I'm for it

App owners: we're blocking this radioactive bed of liability

iOS/Google-using dipshits: tHiS vIoLaTes FrEeDoM zErO

@dankwraith apparently it's not free speech unless everybody else is forced to listen

@dankwraith It's astonishing how they miss the main non-aligned politically point of said apps getting pulled from stores for "enabling" gab by proxy.

That's first point on the bulletin that completley justifies devs blocking gab and ends it all.

@Deiru @dankwraith it's such a solid "shut the fuck up" point that they can't pay attention to it because they'd have to do the said "shutting the fuck up"


Saw one of these same Frozen Peaches flipping a POC instance mod endless crap a couple of weeks ago, too. It's a really good look. :/

@dankwraith my favourite is the dude outraged at everyone on gab being assumed to be a nazi

yes they're all nazis, it's literally the nazi social network. they created it as an alternative to twitter where they're allowed to be nazis with no consequences

@fraggle LOL, I know, right? Like the one that was on about "but what if a user just want's to use Gab and isn't a Nazi? You're blocking them too!1!"

That hypothetical user has bigger problems than a block. @dankwraith


I used to think that right wing people were making bad decisions because they didn't understand what they were doing.

I no longer think one of those two things.

@dankwraith Watching all these idiots in other instances have a meltdown because Eugen was like "you should probably auto block nazis tbh" makes me so glad the instance I decided to join is ran by a bunch of extremely gay furries. I can see a lot of folks now needing to jump ship to another instance because of this hill some folks have decided to die on like if so many marginalized folks didn't explicitedly join Mastodon TO GET AWAY FROM THE NAZIS ON OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS!

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