extremely cool that everyone thinks capitalism is efficient despite literal enormous mountains of material everyday evidence that it is not because some people just repeated it a lot


capitalism *gross mismanagement of natural resources* is *multi hundred percentage cost of living increases in two decades* efficient *millions of people without basic reliable access to food housing and medicine*

capitalism is very efficient at exactly one thing, which is funneling enormous amounts of money into the pockets of the bourgeoisie

@dankwraith some dingbat: Communism is bad, because every time it's been used, lots of people died and an elite class formed, and then the inequality hurt people
anyone who pays attention to reality: ya looked around lately?

@Eldritch_Horrorgirl hilarious how literally every evil attributed to stalinism applies directly to contemporary capitalism

@dankwraith "ah you see, but that's different, because stalin's killings were pointless and unjustified, but OUR wars are to fill the coffers of military industrialists, which is a good and righteous thing. Also, he called them Gulags, which is scary and bad, but we call them prisons, which is good!"

@dankwraith but every time socialism was tried the CIA did a coup and installed a dictator, checkmate commie

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