twitter leftists: branding and marketing is used to manipulate our perceptions against our self interest

also twitter leftists: wont use mastodon because the word "toot" is silly

you, a dipshit: posts on a decentralized ad free social network

me, a revolutionary genius: generating ad revenue and tracking data for a social network run by nazi sympathizers with close ties to government surveillance agencies

@dankwraith You know what else is silly? Cranking the post length of your instance to 69420000 :D

@clarjon1 brb putting the entire text of das kapital in one post

@dankwraith @clarjon1 just for the love of [ god | lack of god ] CW the pol in it is all


also maybe the length 🤔

cw eupol 

@dankwraith i simply avoid acknowledging the word and use "post" instead

@dankwraith Look, I'm all for the revolution, but if I see a silly word I'm out! 😤

@dankwraith toot is an exceptionally bad term but gargron is incapable of admitting he's wrong ever.


Also, if you don't like the name: run your (presumed anti-tooter) own instance and call it what you want! Or use any other software to get on fedi. It's really fine.

@cooler_ranch @dankwraith let's not even pretend it is the real reason. If someone doesn't want to lose their precious follower count, they'll find a reason

broke: using birdsite and whining about it

woke: using a decentralized free social network

me, an intellectual: using a free social network and paying for it as praxis 💦

@dankwraith kinda hating how someone can say that the biggest social media networks are run by nazi sympathizers and it's not hyperbole at all, everything is fine

@activationfxn @dankwraith

Once I got slapped with the penalty Over Yonder for telling a card-carrying WS that he was a fool (no cussing, even), my heart wasn't in it anymore. My body stayed behind in my locked account for a few months afterward. But then this noble beast here hit "delete" for me because he's the smartest one in the house:

food mention 

@dankwraith what i love is that tweet was a “silly” word for a very long time until we started getting news reports “In a tweet today, the President stated...”


They just need some tutoring.

Thanks, you've been wonderful. I'm here all week. Don't forget to tip your waitress.

@dankwraith Twitter leftists: only interested in branding and marketing anyways, just for themselves specifically

@dankwraith see also leftists I know who get really mad when someone doesn’t use iMessage because it has a less readable color

@dankwraith toot was what convinced me to use masto tbh
It was a simpler time

The thing that make use it too along with the fact the mastodon doesn't have the toxic part of twitter, the marketing crap and the Trending. Just people getting in contact for the sake of sharing, not for being popular or liked.

@dankwraith twitter "leftists" are they like american "leftists"?


@dankwraith you laugh, but I personally know "comrades" who told me they would NOT be promoting events outside of Facebook because "how else are we supposed to reach out to people?".

Bonus context: they live in Malta, an island that's 21km long and 13km wide.

@dankwraith you know another words that’s silly? “twitter” “tweets”. it’s called familiarity i think?

@dankwraith lmao i’ve been reading it wrong for days maybe weeks

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