just read the replies to tarn's post about adding trans dwarves to dwarf fortress and i havent been on twitter for so long now that i actually feel disgusted, literally how can anyone stand that shitty place it is actual mind poison


twitter was invented when some dipshit white man heard the phrase "dont read the comments" and thought "ah, comments section. what if an entire website was a big comments section"

and more than ever i think, these people dont need a platform for their hatred, these people need fucking help. they need therapy and friends and meaning for their lives. imagine just seeing someone spewing hate non stop into the world and thinking that it is merely a valid entry into the marketplace of ideas

imagine seeing people just spewing the most vile hatred imaginable and being so numb to it that you just think, "ah, people do be like that sometimes." christ almighty


"And, we'll make the post length requirement super small, so people get really good at expressing their hatred in as few characters as possible!"

@dankwraith it's honestly like.... i don't even think people are really like that? but places like twitter, facebook, etc that platform this kind of rampant weird-ass behavior allow people to give in to those dark impulses

it's not like we're perfectly moral creatures or anything, our actions tend to expand to fit the container if you know what i mean

and twitter's container has no walls. we fall apart in that space

@applebaps yeah i agree with this characterization its basically just an enabler for people to say awful shit with no direct personal consequences

@applebaps and thinking about tarn specifically, he is a person who uses twitter to get the attention he needs so he can continue to survive as an independent artist, and the dichotomy is so weird between people who need that platform and the random fuckshitters who just use it to dump their garbage over anyone they find convenient, its like being chained to a rock and having vultures peck out your liver constantly

@dankwraith so, like basically everything under capitalism then

@dankwraith @applebaps the myth of sisyphus? no,,,the modern condition is illustrated by the myth of prometheus

@enkiv2 @dankwraith @applebaps ...great, now I'm thinking of some kind of nietzchean eternal return thing

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