remember when 4 million people yelled at me on here a couple months ago because i said that the core stipulations of open source require programmers to allow their labor to be exploited and now purism is just rebranding tusky and charging for it


stallman voice: the fifth freedom is the freedom to have your unpaid labor exploited for profit

@lynnesbian i honestly dont know at this point, i guess it depends on what you think the project is for. AGPL is nice because it prevents private entities from just wrapping around your code and not releasing it publicly but nobody would use an AGPL project in a game for that reason

@lynnesbian @dankwraith
I feel like there's enough people with this problem that someone will just make a copyfarleft software license. Something like like the P2P license mixed with the GPL would work.

AGPLv3 is also my go-to. I make Free Software to benefit society. I don't mind if someone uses it professionally or makes money from it as long as they are also contributing and not just trying to suck profit from my work parasitically.

@dankwraith this, coming from the FSF, is especially funny, given that the Open Source movement was a counter movement to the Free Software movement

@dankwraith any programmer can also rebrand tusky and charge for it. they just generally don't because running a business is hard and risky. purism's thing might well fail. note that I myself am an open-source programmer who has not tried to build a business around my open-source code b/c it seems hard and not fun.
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