a bunch of techbros threw a shit fit about python replacing all occurrences of master/slave terminology with parent/worker last year and they did it anyway which owns


ok but why is this "parent" with worker

why not something like "manager"

are we enforcing capitalism in python now

@ben well to be more specific they now use parent/child in reference to subprocesses and they use "worker" instead of "slave" for background processes iirc

@dankwraith ah thats's better then

... so it used to be parent/slave? or master/child?

@ben it used to be master/slave for subprocesses and also slave for background processes

@dankwraith @ben hasn't parent/child always been the correct terminology for subprocesses anyway

why were they doing something else

@00dani @dankwraith [posix process voice] brb killing my children to let them know the config file was updated

@dankwraith imagine really wanting your coding environment to continue to talk about slavery

@robotcarsley definitely extremely not telling of anything to be very attached to slave terminology

Godot did it after the project lead had a reactionary tantrum and a bunch of people pressured him to change it. Even then, they kept master and made it master/puppet.

That program really needs better people working on it.

@mirzaba @dankwraith yes i recall the shitstorm a LOOONG time ago and assumed it'd never happen. checked the docs the other day and saw the new terms and thought that was nice. godot is a disaster across the board

@dankwraith On the whole python seems to be run by grownups, which is refreshing

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