if student debt cancellation happened after i paid off my student loans, i would be happy, because im not a fucking shithead who demands that the entire world revolve around me and i can be happy for other people getting a fair deal

i'm still not convinced "others should have it shitty because i had it shitty too" is a real thought that anyone has actually had or if its just the kind of thought that only people with op ed writer brains have

it is absolutely a real thought process and it makes people who have it impossible to debate

ancillary mention of addiction, police. 

@dankwraith unfortunately it's really common. I've seen it in workplaces whenever people demand better. There's also the trans people who resent younger trans people who had it a little easier and so they call them not valid. it's frustratingly common

@interneteh @dankwraith yeah, it frustrates me, as its a contributing factor to a lot of lateral violence


My first thought was "umm, have you talked to anyone over 40?"

but yeah we encounter this shitty attitude anytime someone proposes to make things better.

Like we know for a fact (multiple scientific studies) that some of the education practices in the US are harmful (like early start times for high school) but whenever we try to get some reform there's this annoying "well that's how we did things back when I was in school and they shouldn't be any different"

@dankwraith The financial equivalent of, "MY folks did the capital punishment thing and I turned out FIIIIINE!!!"

@xenophora capital punishment? are you a ghost? if so, kickass

@dankwraith [sigh] Sorry. I'm running on about five hours of sleep. Should've been CORPORAL punishment, though honestly yours does seem like the logical outgrowth of that. Ghost Twitter is the new Weird Twitter. :/

@xenophora @dankwraith

A ghost family that does executions as punishments could be like, Capser the Ghost's weird neighbors.

@Roxxie_Riot @dankwraith

There's already Dark Archie-verse. By the time I finish my coffee Dark Harvey-verse will be a cause celebre', too.

- bad thing happened to me
- if bad thing happened to me for no good reason, then [the universe/whoever did this to me] was pointlessly cruel to me
- I don't want [the universe/whoever did this to me] to have been pointlessly cruel to me
- therefore I want the bad thing to have happened to me for a good reason
- I have found a reason why bad thing happening to me was actually good and holds up under superficial examination, therefore I will believe it

I'm guessing

@dankwraith talking to my friends who were in frats and sororities or who went through med school, it's become clear that it's both common and very powerful. It's some fucked up anti-empathy response :/

@dankwraith some people do think that way because they are miserable And selfish, it’s the I’m not happy so no one should be mentality

@revolverocelot @dankwraith "When I was your age I worked 80 hours a week with no breaks! Physical labor! You lazy mellennials want everything for free!"

The combination of that kind of resentment and the complacency of "well its always worked this way" can be really potent.

@fishboi @dankwraith yeah I don’t understand that thinking. They shouldn’t have hAd to endure that either... it’s not that hard to understand :(

@dankwraith Sadly, it is real. Try post-graduate education in nearly any field for examples.

@dankwraith yeah no. That's the mindset my immediate family thoroughly lectured me on after outing me as a "Bernie Bro". They're also democratic voters shockingly.

@dankwraith honestly if someone really were mad that student debt forgiveness came too late for them, they could also just push for the gov't/lenders to retroactively forgive & refund loan payments made from within like the last few decades too, instead of y'know just ensuring everyone suffers forever?? lol

@dankwraith One example I've seen of it outside the op-eds is longtime doctors, particularly in the US, who refuse to accede to new training regimens that don't have those in training working 36+ hours straight with zero sleep.

@dankwraith maybe no one has thought those specific words, but the attitude is real. i've definitely met some.

@dankwraith It unfortunately definitely is a thought process some people have. When I've talked about food stamps and the negative stigma around people using it to buy "luxury" items once in a very blue moon (like say celebrating a major moment that could improve their lives) I've had people flat out say that no they don't deserve to treat themselves once in a while. This person wasn't even able to get assistance, why should those on assistance enjoy what this person couldn't?

@dankwraith There are just way too many people with the mentality that they suffered, everyone else should too.

@dankwraith In the accounting lingo in the language I learned it in there was a bit of terminology that was mistranslated like 200 years ago making it *extremely* unintuitive (i think it was calling your capital the negative and your debts the positive or something, I aggressively deleted most of that knowledge off the brainspace) and when all the accountants got together to rework their terminology, they left that one in just to spite everyone, which is to say if anyone has that thought it's probably accountants

@dankwraith I mean realistically anyone who just finished would be a bit miffed, maybe sad for a day in a "kick frustratedly at the ground a few times" way
But then everyone would move on cause you didn't actually lose anything and a bunch of kids just got free and the future is looking brighter for them now

@dankwraith a mild take made spicy by the fact that people are shitheads about the happiness of others. This is basic compersion people. Replace your jealousy with compersion.

@dankwraith looking at all the ratio'd to hell posts on twitter of people (mostly talking heads and news outlets i should say) bitching about the unfairness of loan cancelation, i'd say you're not alone

@dankwraith I can't understand an attitude like that. Granted, I'd be sad about not catching a break myself, but I can't understand how knowing someone else gets to do so would not be some relief

@dankwraith "It's not enough that I succeed - others must fail"

- "But you didn't succeed"


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