cars have turned every city into a polluted space wasting hellscape but they also make it so i dont have to sit next to a poor person on the bus so its impossible to say if theyre bad or not

@dankwraith I hate having to drive on the interstate. a train would be faster and my legs wouldn't go numb.

@dankwraith I mean, I'd ride the bus if it didn't take an hour to get somewhere a car can reach in 15 minutes.

@Guinevere sure but the reason the bus takes that long is because the transportation network prioritizes cars over all other forms of transit. even without buses bikes would be incredibly fast without cars taking priority in traffic

@dankwraith I know, it's just real dang sad that we had trams out the ass 100+ years ago and you wouldn't even know it now. The bus system is awful and trains are basically non-existent. As a train lover I am upsetti.

@Guinevere @dankwraith

I used to live in the SF Bay Area and when my mom was a kid, they had a tram called the Key System that went for hundreds of kilometres all over the region and it was a terrible loss when it was bought out by a tire company in the 1950s and destroyed.

But that's a poor excuse for things are still messed up 70 years later.

@Guinevere @dankwraith

No part of the 1950s system would still be running now anyway. We just chose to feel sad about it's loss instead of doing anything to replace it. For decades. Germany didn't even start building it's train system until the 1970s. We did nothing.

The historic loss is only useful to show that a system did work in the area and could again.

@celesteh @dankwraith I agree, it's just like...the original system was a huge company investment driven by big players in the capitalist landscape. And their removal was driven by big corporate players in a capitalist landscape. I can just whine because I'm a little ant on the monopoly board.

Even attempts to recreate these systems tend to just be fascimiles designed for rich urban neighborhoods anyway.

@Guinevere @dankwraith

The thing most scuppering transit on the peninsula is rich suburban neighbourhoods that associate public transit with poverty and absolutely do not want to give poor people an easy way to teach their little downtowns.

Urban dwellers do seem to understand the value of transit, which is why they direct their investment towards the wealthy.

Meanwhile, BART still has a 1970s computer controlling the switching.

@dankwraith The apparent ignorance of or inability/unwillingness to understand collective action problems is a big barrier to better public transit.

"...but my car is faster and more comfortable! Why would I ride the bus???"


@dankwraith if a rich person doesn't want to sit next to a poor person, they can just give the poor person money until they're not poor anymore


I sometimes wonder if what killed public transit ridership in the USA was outlawing segregated buses.
So look for significant changes after 1956.

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