its cool that openAI's dota bot uses memory reading to determine the game state, a technique that would be considered cheating if humans used it


AI researchers: interpreting the state of a video game from only visual information is too complex for AI and an unrealistic goal

also AI researchers: we will have reliable self driving cars in the next 5 years

sorry for pointing out the obvious inconsistencies in your overhyped research field AI nerds!

if you think AI is gonna revolutionize the world, and you also think the world is more complex than a video game, i have very bad news for you about how well AI can play video games using vision alone

@dankwraith Prime example: LUIGI/O

An AI learning visually to play mario games. Took many months to get thru the first SMB, now it's playing Lost Levels

@clarjon1 oh good its only on the 40000th try of solving a deterministic problem visually, good thing the real world is completely deterministic and predictable

@dankwraith @clarjon1 I love the luigi/o thing, but isn't it basically just brute force search?


if you think world politics can be understood by the function approximation feature on your TI-84 graphing calculator, do I have a field for you


AI attempts to play Overwatch, gets distracted by porn.

@dankwraith I work in a job that makes use of machine learning and every time I hear about self-driving cars I throw back my head and laugh with absolute violence

Didn't google teach AI to play quake 3 on a randomly generated maps with only visual data?

Wanna know why that's the case? It's simple: follow the money.
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