hot take: modern computing sucks mostly because we have no central decision making authorities so everything is either 1) built on 30 year old protocols that nobody wants to touch because it would be too much of an infrastructure investment for private corporations to give a shit about or 2) is proprietary horse shit that only benefits one company


all computing is running on the fumes of research done 30 years ago and every programmer knows it

@Roxxie_Riot @dankwraith I would trust someone I never knew on the internet named "Grimdark the Pup" more than an ethereal entity refered to only by an acronym to make my computers

@wizard @dankwraith

My master plan is to just make it really easy for the end user to change things. That way if they don't like my aesthetics or choices, they can just change it.

You might be surprised about how many programmers are blissfully unaware of it...

@dankwraith I'll have you know my computing happens on research done only 10 years ago
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