the uber IPO is amazing, they basically admitted that they have no way to ever actually make money but people are still going to invest because of brand recognition, tech is going great everyone

is this the first example of a company going public so the original investors can bail out?

i think theres a term for an investment structure where you rely on suckers to give your company money even though it doesnt produce anything, its called a ... py.... pyro mid sheen?

@dankwraith yet more reason why I never want to work at a tech corp

@dankwraith at most, it's the first to make it so obvious that's what's happening

On Hacker News, I pointed out that they really aren't even a tech company. At least no more than your regular retailer with an online store, or a bank with online banking. I was instantly voted down to zero.

@loke @dankwraith my work calls themselves a tech company, but in my mind, you're not really a tech company unless you're selling the tech itself. Uber is a service company. My work is a service company.

@sexybenfranklin @loke @dankwraith i've been saying this to nerds since my second semester in computer school, 19 years ago, but none of the nerds been listening to me.

@dankwraith How fucked is it that despite all Microsoft has done you can at least look at them and say "Well at least they sell an actual product"?

@dankwraith Wait what.

I mean like I know that's TRUE, but they just, SAID it??

@gaditb cant lie about your financials when the SEC is involved lol

@dankwraith *vaguely points at a classic movie*

have you heard of "The Producers"

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