it says a lot about liberals that they think society would collapse if people weren't doing random busywork 8 hours a day

@dankwraith to be fair, I'm only doing busywork around 4 hours a day and the other 4 hours is posting online or reading Wikipedia

@dankwraith for sure, I could do a 20 hour week and do exactly the same amount of work, no problem

@Thomas @dankwraith

it's so completely topsy turvy too, because the higher you get on the totem pole, the less work you do for the most money. at the point where you are a billionaire, you have so many investments that you are often just having a meeting every six months to pass judgement on how it's being run and you make millions of dollars for that time. what in the hell

@baronnarcveldt @dankwraith I have enough juice with my company that nobody ever asks what I'm doing. I had to leave early yesterday and nobody noticed for an hour.


Liberals more like Liberdon't hahaha fuckin got em

were's my big time oil money?

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