the legal system is basically just lawyers playing magic the gathering against each other

theres a section in The Once and Future King where merlin remarks on the transition from trial by combat to trial by law and how it was basically just exchanging one form of arbitrary judgment for another and i think about that a lot

i have literally no memory of posting this.

@dankwraith Libel! Slander! How could you defame The Great Game this way?

@dankwraith I think it's more like Judge's Tower, in particular (MTG format where you must take all legal game actions as soon as possible)

@dankwraith you are right on the first point though. Sometimes magic feels like a contest to see who can remember and apply the most obscure rules to trick your opponent, combined with strategic withholding of information.

@dankwraith you should see lawyers when they actually play MtG #eff

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