sigh.... *crumples up my latest video game concept and hurls it into the trash*

@starwall @elomatreb @dankwraith I LOVE HOW DORKY ALL THE SCIENTISTS ARE

How Big is the S L O R P

@goat @starwall @elomatreb @dankwraith oh god a marine biologist friend linked this when it happened and it totally ruled

@dankwraith No idea how the news outlet got "fight". Thr crab wandered around haphazardly and bumped into the orb once. Didn't even touch the sub

@dankwraith The Ocean Exploration Trust's EVNautilus is a great channel, I love watching their stuff :blobowo:

@dankwraith Pfft, just add "based on a true story" to the loading screen and you're good! :D

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