people always get confused about what colorblindness feels like, for me its not that i cant recognize colors, like if i see red i know that its red, its more when colors are blended or next to each other, like for example if blue is next to purple or green is next to yellow its really hard to tell them apart

color distinction in UI really fucks with me, like if your button switches between light blue and grey for on/off i literally cant tell which state its in. better to use deeply contrasting hues or other indicators of state, like changing the actual shape of the icon


anyway if youre doing UI design be a pal and reach out to some colorblind people to see if your design is readable! theres quite a lot of us out there

@dankwraith it's so extremely easy to design with colorblindness in mind and it pretty much always winds up making your design clearer for everyone no matter their color vision, i have no idea why so many colorblind-unfriendly designs keep getting made

@dankwraith and AAA games always have those bullshit filters that don't work, just let people pick the colors or, even better, *don't have design elements that are distinguished by nothing but a color difference*


@prophet_goddess literally every time i see a colorblind mode in a game im like "oh cool" and i pick it and it makes it even harder for me :NotLikeThis:

@dankwraith this is the experience i've heard from literally every colorblind person i know. do they even test these things at all

@prophet_goddess @dankwraith i mean i've seen the shittiest password forms ever in the span of a few days while changing 150 passwords, and those are pretty universal right? so i have to conclude that No They Do Not Test Shit

@dankwraith @aral also, there's tons of tools that can simulate the experience to some extent. The first test might be a few clicks away. Example for Photoshop (has been there for ages) other tools and operating systems have this, too!

@dankwraith @aral On windows, there's "color filter" in the settings ( ), where you can turn your whole screen black and white. Android 9 has this within "digital wellbeing". Granted B/W is not the same as colourblind, but it's a start.

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