being around tech optimists makes me want to hurl myself into a well

your XR app funded by VC money is not going to make the world a better place

i cant wait until this entire useless industry burns to the ground

@dankwraith consider: if we all stopped computers, there would be no more video games

@dankwraith I can't go back to Hoop And Stick (game of the year for 4000 years and counting)

@dankwraith Better drone control could make the world a better place.
Hype is a very bad thing in tech.

@dankwraith but seriously though I know that my thoughts on programming do trend toward the positive so please let me know when I'm causing you discomfort

@dankwraith yeah it just seems like an arbitrary execution barrier to prevent a strict penalty in how soon you regain control of your fighter. not a very interesting mechanic

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