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in this thread i will give a rundown of all my free C# game dev libraries

Hitching up your pants,
bobbin up and down, hitching
up your pants, bobbin

i've gone back from being annoyed that everyone on here is constantly talking about yu gi oh to thinking its funny again

I'm a huge slut for a capella harmonies in any other genre but I don't listen to a capella itself because I don't feel comfortable encouraging that kind of lifestyle

what is a monad?

a monoid in the category of endofunctors!

but enough talk, have at you!

i dont remember which philosopher wrote this but i once read a definition of evil that described it as not merely doing unethical things, but doing them in such a way that it actively enables and encourages others to lower their own moral standards

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it pisses me off a lot that it took this long for trump to get deplatformed. like over the past couple weeks i can literally feel the psychic energy release from nobody knowing what that dipshit thinks

music with reverb so perfect i get scared of waking up my roommates even when using headphones

@dankwraith *inflates your stock price making it big and round*

my dick and balls are undervalued invest today

wait are redditors inflating gamestop's stock value

larry king and larry davis are gone, by the rule of thirds this means larry the cucumber is next

@dankwraith ah I see your software is licensed under FAFO (fuck around find out)

fuck writing technical docs in the third person, i made this shit and if you don't like it i'll kick your ass

well that was a fun 3 hour segfault adventure

i may write dry dick code, but i will never write dry dick documentation. this is the dankwraith promise

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