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just released Bonk, an open source collision detection library for MonoGame Core. this is the tool we are using for collision detection on Samurai Gunn 2

- extremely modular design
- implements line, circle, rectangle, and convex polygons
- spatial hash for broad phase
- GJK for narrow phase
- EPA for separating vector
- 0 heap allocations (no garbage collection)

licensed under LGPL 3

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if any philosophers, ancient or otherwise, are here on the fediverse there might be a place for you at

@ me

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i have spent the last 24 hours thinking about these garbage ass souvenir sunglasses that @pizza designed during our dragonball rpg

@healyn Gandalf was one of only five wizards in Middle-earth, also known by the Elves as the Istari. The Istari were "angelic spirits" sent by the Valar (almost like gods) in the Third-age to aid Men and Elves in their struggle against Sauron. These Istari were given the appearance and emotions of Men, not only to act as a familiar face, but also to have the ability to relate to them. These empathetic emotions were very important to Gandalf's development, as his affection for Hobbits plays a major role in the grand scheme of the story.

The four other Istari sent to Middle-earth were Saruman, Radagast, Alatar and Pallando. This is where many lore-buffs get upset with Turbine's interpretation of Tolkien's lore, allowing the Lore-master and Rune-keeper to wield powers that could arguably cross that line into Istari territory.

dankwraith: the game: the movie: the game REMASTERED

healyn is the sanitary commissioner of mastodon

twitter is just accounts with 10 million followers quote dunking a boomer with the handle MAGAbob1958 with the words "i am a pee pee head" and getting 40000 retweets

im not saying you should invite me on your podcast but i would be a very charming guest

yelling "racism! .......... reverse reverse" like mr c calling the cha cha slide

people who voluntarily use light themes are psychopaths

therapist: hieroglyphic monads aren't real. they can't hurt you.

hieroglyphic monads:

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