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if any philosophers, ancient or otherwise, are here on the fediverse there might be a place for you at

@ me

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Liberdon Corleone, I am honored and grateful that you have invited me to your home on the day of your 8 year old daughter's wedding

please maam.... i just need one anjanath plate.... PLEASE

ok time to accept that i have no more code left in me today

cyber-sex *pwsshshhh* thats the future babey

a philosophy crackpot who writes weird synth music and is kind of bad at singing pretty much ticks all the boxes for me

faves dont federate, so figuring out whether a subtoot is about you or no is like counting fucking cards

@dankwraith my wife really out here illuminating the city

they call him big hands magee, because of his huge hands

im causally leaning back in my chair, and slapping my nuts, indicating that i am pretty chill and nonchalant

its a lot of work doing conceptual posting but like many artists i suffer for my craft

gonna pause the subtoot thread for now will probably resume later

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