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if your first interaction with me ever is gonna be insulting me in the replies at least try to be original so i can have a chuckle before i block you and completely forget your sad and meaningless existence

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thinking about how the game uplink predicted that in the future you would hack from remote servers hosted in a data center

someone: the father the son and the holy spirit
me, nodding sagely: ah yes, the holycule

i would like these viruses to stop living inside of me now

i now declare this: chill anime ed hours. it's time to listen to some chill anime credits music

the CS classes you take: implement red-black trees and mergesort

the CS classes you need: hey all the information you need is spread across a half dozen CSV files with incompatible formats, unfuck that please

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Ah! Now I see my mistake. The condoms themselves are extra thin, they’re not for ultra thin...yeah yeah I understand now

github and their ICE money can go jump off a cliff. it's weird that so much of the free software community relies on a proprietary app anyway

Drone CI was insanely easy to set up. I had it doing automated tests on my MoonTools libraries in like an hour. crazy

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shoutout to when I was a history teacher and this kid turned in the world's greatest drawing of a column

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