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if your first interaction with me ever is gonna be insulting me in the replies at least try to be original so i can have a chuckle before i block you and completely forget your sad and meaningless existence

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i have released MoonTools.Core.Graph, a free graph theory library for .NET Core

- designed for use in games
- garbage collector friendly
- implements commonly used algorithms like A* search for pathfinding
- supports multigraphs

licensed under LGPL 3

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just released Bonk, an open source collision detection library for MonoGame Core. this is the tool we are using for collision detection on Samurai Gunn 2

- extremely modular design
- implements line, circle, rectangle, and convex polygons
- spatial hash for broad phase
- GJK for narrow phase
- EPA for separating vector
- 0 heap allocations (no garbage collection)

licensed under LGPL 3

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what if we took a fairy tale and make it fucked up. anyone do this before

i lowkey want to release source for samurai gunn 2 at some point but i know that would mean dealing with ten thousand armchair programmers telling me im a shithead

monads online is a benevolent dictatorship. i am its platonic philosopher king

A Mean Pinball, 1/? 

came across this raycast renderer in react and im having second thoughts

people act like special relativity is this galaxy brain shit but even a 5th grader could understand it if it was explained properly. thats why its so cool. i wonder what other crazy ideas linger just under our noses

@dankwraith all those post lost... like a ball dropped from a train

thinking about when i did a thread sunmarizing special relativity... all those posts lost... like tears in the rain

writing a renderer that simulates relativistic effects of the speed of light

dammit i got terms backwards again

ray CASTING - the camera projects to calculate color
ray TRACING - the camera simulates the reception of light

interestingly, in ancient Greek optics it was thought that vision was the result of the eye projecting light...

how 3d rasterization works 

how 3d rasterization works 

how 3d rasterization works 

feeling grateful that my phone knows how to capitalize all the brands

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