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in this thread i will give a rundown of all my free C# game dev libraries

The Monads mystery van hosts numerous Velmas and Scoobies, several Shaggies, a few Daphnes, but absolutely no Freds

the monads ride around in the fucked up 6 wheel van to solve mysteries and crime's actually


literally the only thing i miss about not eating meat is hot chicken and i just found a place that does vegan hot chicken so if it's good maybe my quest can finally end

please don't laugh at tanukis they have fat nuts disease

why are electro harmonic flanger pedals 140 smackers... please...

when people report monads users for whatever pedantic nonsense

evolutionarily speaking, mastodon is the australia of memes


yo wtf I started listening to this and I got up and started walking and I couldnt stop myself and I walked through my bedroom wall, thnx a lot bro

@dankwraith i’m getting b-52s, i’m getting zombies, i’m getting love, i LOVE IT

@dankwraith my mom came in while I was listening to this and immediately began doing the Watusi

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