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in this thread i will give a rundown of all my free C# game dev libraries

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if your first interaction with me ever is gonna be insulting me in the replies at least try to be original so i can have a chuckle before i block you and completely forget your sad and meaningless existence

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Just watched a crane take down Confederate statues in Birmingham

Wether you're gay, straight, bi or somewhere we don't have label for yet, you really should read about the Stonewall Riots.

Get out there and have fucking fun, but remember where you are now was paid for in blood.

Respect that history. The whole history.

rumours circulating that leftists operatives have been communicating in "jorts morse" to organise the strategic takedown of Burger King stores

they're mass arresting people in philadelphia. please help out if you can

in every one of those videos where some right wing diplord gets owned this weekend you can pinpoint the moment where they want to say "are you triggered?" and then suddenly realizing this is real life and the block button doesnt work before taking a fist to the jaw and getting their car lit on fire

same as above goes for these. use as you want, credit me/ bewitcharts if asked, it’s nbd!!

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You know how mark zuckerberg is a guy who isn’t running for president but living his life as if he is? Joe Biden is sort of the inverse, a guy running for president but acting as if he’s trying to get enough petition signatures to be voluntarily euthanized

Goodbye Pork Pie Hat by D.S. Marriott, cw for police violence 

the lesbian mayor of seattle is siccing the cops on protestors, happy pride month


everything coming out of Minneapolis right now should show you that mutual aid is human nature and violent hatred is the result of a cruel and unjust system

y'all my friends doing jail support are making themselves physically ill from pulling late shifts little sleep
and they need more people

reach out to jail support crews they need new people

rollin this back out because people never quite seem to get it

if rioters get declared enemy combatants, does that mean the cops will have to start following the geneva convention, which forbids use of tear gas

Parental control but it disables the CNN and Fox News so our parents and grandparents don't get brainwashed

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