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if any philosophers, ancient or otherwise, are here on the fediverse there might be a place for you at

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MONADS.ONLINE HAS RETURNED FROM THE GRAVE strong characters with massive puds are the worst.

tiny thing to fight surveillance capitalism 

I am the clown king and my followers are my court jesters

theres probably some analogy between my political leanings and the framework i designed specifically attempting to eliminate hierarchies

@dankwraith teaching a two credit course just called "inheritance is fake, you don't need it, knock it off"

squeezing the object oriented poison out of my brain

"functional programming is scary"

you fool, you'll never know that the real terror was side effects, and they were right in front of you the whole time

thinking about if the fansubbers had changed shinjis name to a western name like "greg"

me: shinji's hatred of himself is framed by his hatred of his father, seeing his father within himself and being unable to annihilate the father inside himself, he falls into despair

the arbys cashier: sir this is an arbys

I'm gonna take my horse. Leave my horse alone. You're a bad influence on my horse.

you've heard of Air Bud well get ready for Ground Bud, a regular dog. he walks around

mh - 

i got so fucking owned by my last tarot reading that i have been terrified to do another one ever since

Going to make a new currency out of weed pressed into little coins.

The cool thing about mastodon is that if any cops or employers ever found out about my account they would probably just be too confused by the site layout and leave before they’d found anything

This is what I feel like after having short hair again

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