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it's finally here! i have released a short EP of stoner psychedelia for your ears to enjoy

a big shout out to for the album artwork

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if you can't make it to monads music mindset, you can now listen to the show archives

👇 👇 👇

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hiring a skywriter to spend an hour up in the air spelling out an entire EULA that allows me to harvest the personal data of anyone in the city that happens to look up this afternoon.

JC Denton from Deus Ex voice Do you have a single fact to back that up?

my entire life is up in the air in a very annoying way so i'm gonna listen to dub music really loud

back on my bullshit (installing font ligatures)

i WILL miss what's happening. i WILL NOT try the app

someone cold emailed me about game maker consulting. why can't someone slide into my inbox asking me if i can do cool things like write a threaded renderer for them



FOOL is standing in the harsh fluorescent light. A car pulls up and CASS gets out.

CASS: The ground is shifting. I think clowns are becoming sexy.

FOOL: Those are just isolated incidents.

CASS: You don't understand.

CASS tosses a manila folder bursting with PORNOGRAPHIC IMAGES onto the trunk of the car.

CASS: It's too late. I just thought you should know.

i think some people on here might be interested in this upcoming game about gay foxgirls. made with FNA!

the italian senate is like italian spiderman but for the senate

oh my god i was wondering if sekiro was influenced by tenchu and i looked it up and fromsoft literally were the developers of tenchu wrath of heaven

just compare this game's design to sekiro, which rewards you for reading enemies because perfect blocking depletes enemy stamina. the result is a very dynamic game whether you are on offense or defense. it's engaging. a game that forces you to sit around waiting for openings to punish is boring because it's completely passive

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the game gives you all these cool moves but it doesn't matter because most yokai enemies can't be stunned unless you deplete the entire gauge and they'll just wipe out 90% of your health mid combo, and human enemies will just block everything perfectly. i wanted this game to be good so badly but they fucked it

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oh another Action Game Crime this game does is give stupid amounts of tracking to every attack. what's the point of dodging if every enemy can track everything unless i dodge in a perfect 2 frame window. some of the attacks are unblockable too! what the fuck were you guys thinking!

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i have nothing but contempt for music journalists. dank’s post about the leaky boat but with pitchfork writers and rolling stone contributors.

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