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in this thread i will give a rundown of all my free C# game dev libraries

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if your first interaction with me ever is gonna be insulting me in the replies at least try to be original so i can have a chuckle before i block you and completely forget your sad and meaningless existence

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chain of memories is just as good as i remember it. i live for this arbitrary card based battle system bullshit

this flu was like a reverse cold. first i had a weird dry cough, then i had fatigue and full body aches, and now my nose won't stop running and it feels like someone is tickling my sinuses with a feather

lmao at all the rich people learning for the first time this year that a lot of people dont like them

putting a sticker that says "NOT a roguelike!" on all the samurai gunn 2 marketing materials

me walking into a castle named oblivion: this is probably fine

oh my god sora sounds completely different going from game 1 to CoM lmao

alright jumping into the chain of memories 3d remake

everyone should constantly be laughing about the fact that the guy who oversaw the construction of the eastern half of the transcontinental railroad was named George Francis Train

i didnt think this illness could get any worse but i have felt like i had to sneeze for the entire day

nomura? more like... no more, uh, of this final boss

the nuclear family is great because having a dad is useful to the necessary process of dramatically lowering your expectations for men

ive fought the same exact god damn boss 4 times in the last hour. LET THE DAMN GAME END NOMURA. JUST LET IT END

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