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I've been on this platform for literal years and i don't think I've ever made an post.

Hi! My name is Sofia. I'm a mixed Boricua senior history undergrad from the southeastern USA with a minor in social science, looking to enter archival/museum/librarian work. I live with my beautiful fiancée whom I love so, so much, as well as our two cats!

I like pigeons, stamps, mint chocolate anything, and Puerto Rican independence. I also love science fiction and would love to actually get back to work on writing a science fantasy epic when I don't have classes and retail work in the way.

Hi, everyone! I hope to get to know some of you, and I would love to make more friends out of y'all who I already know!

Black Lives Matter protests have saved lives, study finds

Places with Black Lives Matter protests experienced a 15% to 20% decrease in police homicides from 2014 to 2019 — around 300 fewer deaths. “The gap in lethal use-of-force between places with and without protests widens over these subsequent years and is most prominent when protests are large or frequent.”

skyrim is just like 'youre the chosen one. you can tell for sure because you have these cool inherent powers. the bad guy will tell you how this was a fated confrontation.'

meanwhile in morrowind you can have a conversation with the final boss where you're like "yeah i'm honestly not sure im the nerevarine" and hes like "yeah me neither. wanna go anyway"

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women on pedro castillo: i think hes homophobic
women on hilary clinton: i want to hear her side of the story dankwraith's clubhouse for wayward nerds

Regular reminder that the Democrats are not your friends and that the ruling class will rat out queer people in an instant if it's not profitable

@myconidiosyncrasy @alas what is a boner? a miserable pile of secrets

but enough talk, have at you

This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

libertarians be like we can't have government health care because that would be like compelling doctors to work! *ignores that 99% of the populace is compelled to work*

the Communist Party Japan has abandoned revolution as a path forward and openly embraced japanese chauvinism against china and korea, that is why the Japan’s Revolutionary Alliance of Men That Women Are Not Attracted To (real org look it up) is the only revolutionary game in town.

Communist research group? You mean a think tankie?

if i were a major league batter i would simply swing at the pitches that were strikes, and not swing at the pitches that were balls. this would be easy for me

I'm "sir" when I wear a red sweater, but "ma'am" when I wear a green tunic. I'm "sir" when I talk in person but "ma'am" over the phone. I'm "sir" when my hair is pulled up but "ma'am" when I let it down.

And I get this is part of what people mean when they say gender is performative. I just hate that I have to dress and act as if I have a giant "WOMAN" label on me at all times to avoid being misgendered

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Caption bc my app keeps crashing: AI recognizing a Granny Smith as an iPod because it has a piece of paper on it labelled "iPod"

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There is no difference between this image and getting called sir because I decided to wear a red sweater

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The biggest thing I had to learn in my transition is that cis people interpret gender expression like a bad AI

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