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im post-feet. i dont have any. i float everywhere, my ankles a few inches off the ground

True everytime I post I am basically tooting "Death to America," but I really need to emphasize it: DEATH TO AMERICA, BURN THIS SHIT HOLE DOWN!

i like to leave little affirmative messages to president xi on my huawei smartphone's notes app. 'hope you're having a good day', 'don't let the imperialists get to you', etc

ever since trump started his fake twitter i have realized that he is morning crew and this is profoundly disturbing to me

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@FirstProgenitor i like matoya's because of the nuance

she remembers the twins as they were when they were younger, and she knows for a fact pre-crystal braves alphinaud would never have come to the old lady's cave to admit he doesn't know something, so eyes be damned that's gotta be alisae

perhaps the Jin was the fourth kingdom all along.........


re: ff14 spoilers 

@FirstProgenitor "don't factkin anyone while their spouse is still alive" is probably a good rule of thumb i feel

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as for the sentiment that a person could conceivably "not hate the Chinese people but hate the Chinese government," who do you think makes up the Chinese government? Chinese people. If you think that the Chinese people are simply oppressed zombies, controlled by an ultra-evil government, ask yourself if maybe that sentiment is extremely bizarre and fucked up

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accordingly i will also not do any thinking during times when it is not thinking thursday. no thoughts head empty

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shoutouts to the ceo of hte company i work for for declaring it "thinking thursday" and blocking off the calendar of everyone in the organization so that no one can make me do actual work this morning lmao

i don't have a whole lot of opinions about which isekai anime is bad because all of them are bad on some level, but i do think that if you enjoy "rising of the shield hero" you are scum. that's all i got

#OtD 5 May 1818, Karl Marx was born in Trier, Germany. Living until the age of 64, Marx was a journalist, revolutionary socialist, philosopher and economist, and one of the most influential figures in world history

a disaster for the country, but a true renaissance of Posting

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