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i really do think that more people should watch legend of the galactic heroes. its a pretty good cartoon, or japanimation as they are properly known

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im post-feet. i dont have any. i float everywhere, my ankles a few inches off the ground

who is out here just soaking their . why would they do this

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i was reading a yuri manhua earlier and I've been laughing about this panel for the last four hours

my gf and i watched a bad documentary tonight how's everyone else doing

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communism is when you oppress people using tanks and the more tanks there are the more communist it is

ffxiv, recruitment, not spoilers 

the static I run with is recruiting a tank for Pandaemonium Savage. We are tentatively running Wednesdays and Saturdays, with Monday as a potential backup day if we have to miss, 7:30-10 EST.

The group is fairly experienced (we cleared all of Eden together, and some of us have been raiding since ARR) but experience isn't required, if you're new to raiding we're happy to have you.

You don't have to be gay to raid with us but it helps. You do have to have a character that is raid-ready on Crystal DC, as that's where we're located. Please let me know if you have any questions. If you aren't personally interested but know someone who is, please feel free to pass this along.

But the implication of all this is that Seljuk-era Persia had a strain of weed that makes you good at killing

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Asāsīyūn (the name Hassan-i Sabbah called his followers) literally means "people faithful to the foundation" and referred to them being loyal to the true foundation of Islam. the whole "Assassins would smoke hash before kills" etymology is both widespread and incorrect - the sect got called "hashishi" by their enemies because the word had the connotations "junkies" has in English - addicts, lowlifes, rabble.

i just think that if you work a full career you should get to retire free and clear and not have the sort of financial obligations that would force you to return to work.

ive been kinda living my life on the assumption that i would not have a meaningful retirement but this sort of shit still sucks to see

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both of my parents (who did "retire" at least for a bit) have returned to work, my mother part time for her old job, and my father in retail (he was previously a teacher).

feels bad tbh.

welp, gotta dig up gram gram, there's vacant positions at burger king

"We only have to get lucky once, you have to get lucky every single time"

- Margaret Thatcher

they can’t announce the queens death because they know people will make edm and put the audio of the announcement right before the drop

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