New research finds that crows "know what they know" and can ponder their own minds, demonstrating a higher level of intelligence than previously thought. I welcome our corvid overlords.

@caymanwent This is awesome! And not particularly surprising, honestly... humans always seem to think nonhumans are inherently inferior.

@caymanwent Gotta love the mammal-centric wording on the second study listed

"It seems non-mammal brains can brain, too!"

@eqe @caymanwent based on the quotations around “corvid” i’d say it’s plausible

@caymanwent Ooh, interesting!
From skimming the paper, I'd caution that their sample was only two individuals, and I think they're maybe reaching a bit to get an impressive conclusion.
(Though I couldn't follow the analysis in detail because I don't know enough statistics >.<)
Still, neat result, and hopefully another team will provide more data to backup the conclusion.

I feel like people are so quick to assume that other animals be don't have complex minds. Human arrogance is wack

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