just playing a lot of Hades lately, and reading a lot of novels specifically set in hell, and at this point its kind of becoming a character trait of mine that I just like infernal things

@starwall The Volcano stuff was all foreshadowing for the Daemon Starwall Arc and I'm here for it

@starwall honestly, this is perfect, I'm a transmutation guy so I tend towards, like, eerie green or teal glowing lines. You can cover the warm tones, orange flames and red rivers of magma, that sort of thing. We just need someone who specializes in shadowy purple smoke and we've got all our aesthetic bases covered.


@swiff @starwall hello I love shadowy purple smoke but also sunshine/blue sky Sun Cleric/paladin nonsense, I'm willing to fill in either niche

@byttyrs @starwall *nodding enthusiastically, sharing a positive glance with my co-interviewer as I scribble on a clipboard* Interesting!

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