I just want to let you know that you can refuse to allow doctors' offices to transfer your medical files directly. you can request they give you your files, and then you can give files to the new doctor on your own.

they hate doing this, because if you scanned the files they gave you into your computer, you edited them carefully and reprinted them, and then gave the new files to the next doctor, there's nothing they can do about that.

however, they are obliged by law to comply with your records requests, and while they will put off their legal responsibility to give you your files as long as possible, they are scared pissless of disclosing your medical files without your consent.


perhaps the easiest way to edit your medical files is just to wholly leave out records of abusive sessions and incorrect, stigmatizing, or treatment-obstructing diagnoses.

read carefully to make sure that the damaging content isn't clear from the context/other documents, but omitting pages doesn't require any particular hardware or graphics software skills to accomplish.

also, with new doctors, they'll sometimes just ask you in intake what your doses are. if you were unable to get an earlier doctor to lower a dose, or an earlier doctor prescribed you something against your will, you can just present the adjustments you want as a fait accompli.

(please be careful about adding new medications or increasing doses. do your research, be responsible.)

also, please note, just because a doctor prescribed you a medication doesn't mean you have to take it.

if you're willing to accept some hassle (such as, having to wait while they redo something), you don't even have to let the pharmacist fill it.

I have been prescribed mood stabilizers against my will on false pretenses before. mood stabilizers are bad for me, among other reasons because they allow me to tolerate unacceptable situations.

the function of the mood stabilizer I was prescribed was misrepresented to me. I did my own research from reputable/peer-reviewed sources, as I do with all new drugs, found out it was a mood stabilizer, and stopped taking and filling it.

I was lucky not to be in a mental institution at the time. I've never been in a situation where psychiatric professionals had the power to force me to take drugs, but let's be clear: that power is oppressive and violent.

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