OkCupid is much more depressing than Grindr. I will not be budging on this point

@swift obviously it's subjective. but having used both fairly extensively (though Grindr much more at this point) OkCupid is dork shit to me, and I find its questions gratingly confining. and afaict you can't even un-answer them if you misclick to answer one in the mobile app? also, higher proportion of unicorn hunting, MBTI-fuckers, etc.

@byttyrs that does gel with my gripes, I think I'd just assumed it was the case for all dating apps (lord knows the others I've tried have been worse).

@byttyrs the unanswering questions thing is a pain being back on there after 5+ years. I've changed a lot! Don't think you can unanswer, but you can say you don't care what someone else answers and hide your answer. It'll still affect percentages but 🤷‍♂️

@swift I truly believe Grindr (and Scruff, Adam4Adam et al.) are structurally different from OkCupid, Tinder, etc. by being cruising apps rather than dating apps. it's not 'good' or 'bad' but it's different

@byttyrs that makes sense. Thanks for the comparison ^_^

@byttyrs the fact that people think its less superficial to nitpick every single answer a person gives to bizarre questions that have little to do with what theyre like in a relationship or as a person than just see if theyre cute before talking and getting to know them...hmm

@byttyrs It's that much sadder if you remember the old days.

@byttyrs I'm thinking more like 2005, but 2012 was still a lot better than now.

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