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I am an artist, a poet, and a fiction writer. I have never written anything political, analytical, or insightful. Do not go looking for insightful posts on this account. Boost my art

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A new book of poetry by Mads Viande.

Twenty poems about grief, carnivory, place, and prophecy.

I've been threatening for a while, but my book of poetry is finally up for download, pay-what-you-want on!

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just gazed into my crystal ball and the big fedi trend for the fall 2022 season is gonna be getting derangedly horny for illusionists and stage magicians

[straight person voice]
babe come back to bed i have family guy funny moments compilation loaded up on the ipad mini

I am trying hard to live up to my values, challenge myself, pay rent, and also have a great fucking time.

lol I just saw this TikTok of two Japanese young men being interviewed on what America is known for they said:
"super hot women"
"huge burgers"

@byttyrs these are all canon but the important thing about utena is that every single relationship in it is deeply fucked up and abusive

a group of severe business-like people dourly playing all the most offensive options in Cards Against Humanity

@byttyrs als;kgjlf i'm yelling mads. i cannot say anything more. thank you for sharing this

now I've never seen Revolutionary Girl Utena but I'm pretty sure I know which all of them are lesbians together
1) Utena and Anthy
2) Juri and Shiori (not sure who they are though)
3) Nanami and Touga (ex-girlfriends (het))
3) Touga and Saionji

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