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other people: I write things in a planner as I learn about them, and then on a day-to-day basis I compile the most urgent and relevant into to-do lists, and then I proceed through the tasks on my list until they are all done

me, awed and humbled: truly, even your grimoire and the humblest of your paper talismans are steeped in your power! why, through all my studies in perturbing my subtle body, I have only succeeded in setting and following through on one 'to-do' ritual at a time

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a little master thread of things I've made that you can or should read:

Every day I wake up and am forced to eat the utility monster's ass for 8 hours a day.... won't anyone save me

Rocos Basilisk cannot touch me, in every version of the simulation my ass just gets fatter, the ai cannot explain why, it is screaming

Im writing a fanfic where the utility monster and roko's basilisk fuck

"what if there was a creature that was made happier by killing and eating you than you would be unhappy dying"

this is a bear

What if the utility monster was a sexy milf who wanted to crush you

jumping in to the TL to riff on my post about the utility monster without even boosting the original? [insert Godfather monologue here]

considering the history and class interests of both christianity and AI research, it turns out that pascal's wager and the utility monster are the exact same thought experiment

you know, theres people out there who say things like “it’s embarrassing to like eminem now, but back in the day he was really good!”. those people are fucking liars.

its like saying “we all supported the iraq war back then” whats all this “we” shit

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i tried. i sweat to god i tried. but have you heard that song “fack”? hes always been Like That.

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my favorite fiction trope is when an extremely stupid and selfish act is presented as "sacrifice"

just don't even read this. I have "clarify shit that doesn't need to be clarified" brain disease and it's not interesting or funny 

sometimes "objectively the best" has a clear meaning (from context) that is provable, i.e., that no substantially different thing can be objectively better or that any substantially different thing is objectively worse

that's almost always going to be a situation where "best" means "optimal" and, honestly, "why didn't your joke 'objective' take have statistics and science backing it up" guys can't be trusted with the word optimal either. you still have to define what optimal means and for what terms,

and treating literary/media criticism as being the same kind of discourse as, say, a video on the 'most optimal' build in a video game is. uh. [gestures depressedly] god how awful

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