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other people: I write things in a planner as I learn about them, and then on a day-to-day basis I compile the most urgent and relevant into to-do lists, and then I proceed through the tasks on my list until they are all done

me, awed and humbled: truly, even your grimoire and the humblest of your paper talismans are steeped in your power! why, through all my studies in perturbing my subtle body, I have only succeeded in setting and following through on one 'to-do' ritual at a time

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unbroken skin lies so sweetly
until its cracks writhe free of
surface. what nostalgia this? —
only dreamstuff, forgotten
and recalled. sand, water,
life, pain never rest until
they slip away between
the cracks in your fingers.

cracks in the world where
decent people daren't go
to be seen only from other
cracks, another vantage.

I have run circles here
weaving round the pillars
holding up the earth and
cupping my hands,
for years unsure if I beg
or rescue what the cracks
of sunlight loose below.

the hourglass screams
time but whispers death.
put your hands down.

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a little master thread of things I've made that you can or should read:

why are my knees so swollen. I wore those loafers for less than an hour and a half and I was in a car for like half of that

cat putting down newspaper: i should write open source electronic medical record software

new ya novel where the edgy boy and the good boy love interest kiss and ignore the girl

if this don't kill me it had damn well better make me stronger or I'm gonna shit myself in God's eye

everything is just bullshit forever because we all have yo structure our lives around a totally nonsensical 40hr/week work schedule that everyone knows doesn't work or line up with actual human capabilities

my favorite behavior i see on the road is when people change lanes in front of an a full ass truck in traffic

a tractor trailer basically requires the hugest braking distance, so if you are within even 12 feet in front of them while they are moving at full speed, and you need to suddenly stop, you will die

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i invite you to observe this on your own. Next time you see someone change lanes in front of a big wheeler, watch and you'll see they basically have to slam their brakes

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even if theres no risk of traffic stopping, they have to do this, because if you suddenly decide you dont want to live anymore, no one could stop what would happen next

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adult humor 

When God closes a door, he also closes a window. Because he's gonna jack off in there

please look at fat Albert the world's largest polar bear and an absolute unit iirc he weighs around 450 kg

if this don't kill me it had damn well better make me stronger or I'm gonna shit myself in God's eye

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