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disclosure: i am a cracker and a cis man (maybe? as far as i know? i feel a little complicated about it). feel free to ask me to CW things (don't take this as a license from me to bug people for CWs in general tho) or tell me to shut the fuck up.

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wow i just got had for several seconds by a fake verge headline generated by a bot on here

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Facebook was drilling under the Oregon coast to connect a high-speed cable to Asia earlier this year when an accident left drilling equipment and 6,500 gallons of drilling fluid stranded beneath the seafloor. The company has no plans to retrieve it.

re: i’m not dustin hoffman i’m 

@benaiah *dennis reynolds voice* Charlie what are you doing huffing dust? This is not the time to huff dust Charlie

i’m not dustin hoffman i’m 

huffin dust, man

hey i'm streaming duck game with @geet !!! come watch & feel free to join the voice channel in his discord as well! we'd love to have you

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"A spokesman for the United States Postal Service confirmed that the agency has removed four blue boxes from Portland, and 27 from Eugene this week. The USPS plans to remove a few more boxes from Portland next week."

[muffled anarcho-communist screaming]

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maybe don’t post/boost unironically fashy memes even if you think the joke they’re using is funny

yes this means the shit you found on r/politicalcompassmemes; that subreddit is a garbage fire.

liberals love Star Wars, almost as much as they hate taking any violent or rebellious action against the massive colonizing empires with world-ending superweapons that they live in... hmm

its really funny how liberals see landlords as like magic wizards that prevent houses from disappearing into the aether

*me waking up to find my apartment has vanished from around me* shit, something must have happened to the landlord!

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my dad has been talking about leaving the country like lol you literally asked for all this you old bitch now reap the whirlwind

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