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disclosure: i am a cracker and a cis man (maybe? as far as i know? i feel a little complicated about it). feel free to ask me to CW things (don't take this as a license from me to bug people for CWs in general tho) or tell me to shut the fuck up.

ATTENTION! a family of 11 needs help securing the last half of their housing deposit. please help ms. davina and her kids with the remaining $600.

donate here:

when you try to join monads flowless is standing at the door and you must answer his riddles three or your pito he will flatten for thee

im the rock they use to flatten pitos

i dont know why i didnt really think about this before but it really is ass backwards to criticize marginalized people for depicting shit that is happening in their communities in art, it really is a circular justification to blame people for the bad shit that is happening to them

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im sorry I called you an inanimate fucking object

help incarcerated people get their $1200 stimulus check by october 15 — here’s some instructions and documents you can print to help out anyone you know who may be in the system.

"tankie" shitpost 

if you were assigned Animal Farm in school you're not allowed to use the word "tankie" anymore. sorry, i don't make the rules.

my mentions look like this

so hers can look like this

meta; “tankies” 

me, someone trying to learn more but who has usually described himself in the past as “anarchocommunist”: USians live immersed in multigenerational propaganda and should probably be very careful about calling people “tankies” in the country that held the McCarthy trials

someone on here: tankie scum, report

actually, tankies are people who are way too into s1e1 of the walking dead

actually, tankies are the people who come to refill your water and natural gas in rural areas

groucho marx misquote 

i don't want to belong to any communism that would accept me as a comrade

Portland Call to Action 

We are still in an eviction crisis.
Please help our neighbors survive this. Anyone can donate funds, and there is ground-support from local orgs helping them with this rough transition.


tl’s runnin slow; everybody get out and push

things i call benaiah that aren’t his name:

- benadryl
- bentannica
- blue gfuel
- bem


i once got asked by a bartender what i wanted to drink so i freaked out cause i couldn't decide, so i said "gin and juice" and he looked at me with a look that said "what kinda juice, asshole?" and he said "what kinda juice?"

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