My adoptive family was conservative and fucked up, my family-family is lefty and fucked up, but between them I never had to deal with some of wild shit that is treated like universal experiences . No, not everybody has a Nazi uncle that gets invited to Thanksgiving.

Don't get me wrong, my adoptive family was very racist, but even they would not have put up with family members being "the Nazi one," if only to be respectable.

The bar is so low, but it gets treated as normal in some quarters here to just casually throw around racial slurs and have friends or family who are casually, openly Nazis. That is weird as fuck.

No, not everybody has family members who attended lynchings. That's not a universal thing that everyone can relate to. No, not everybody grew up hanging out with white supremacists. That's not a phase like being goth in middle school.

Sometimes growing up means realizing that your fucked up childhood was even worse than you realized, because you took extremely awful things for granted as just something everyone goes through. So in some ways I feel sorry for people who do this shit on here, but it also pisses me off, like they expect me to be in on it and agree with them, go along with it.

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