What 2016 taught me is that people can say "I support trans people!" to your face and still be just as dangerous to your life and well-being as somebody who is a transphobe to your face.

If they see trans people as pitiful uwu lost causes, they will just write you off as another typical poor trans person when you need help. It's like they decided it's your lot in life.

I went to a trans employment support group back then. All the jobs revolved around traumatizing ourselves in front of cis people. It's like it didn't occur to the people involved in maintaining the group that we could have experience or skills outside of being transgender.

All my friends and family "supported" me in that they used the right pronouns, but the people who actually gave me a place to stay and paid me back money they owed or donated money to help me are a distinct subset of the first group. I had plenty of people who "supported" me actively causing me problems and refusing to help after promising me everything would be fine and they'd have my back.

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