We've talked a lot about how copyright functions to benefit white people, but how about how men have stolen credit and labor from women to claim copyright on "original" work created in large part or even entirely by women?

For example, I love reading up on the history of Western animation, and back in the day, many of the people working to ink pencil work and color animation cells were women. The process of inking, especially, can add a lot to a character's personality. You are serving as editor, determining which pencil lines are most important and should be the base for your ink outline. Painting cells is a very exacting process and significantly impacts the overall affect of the scene and perception of art quality. We know a lot about the animators and character designers, but who remembers the people working in the ink and paint department?

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To say nothing of famous male authors plagiarizing their female partners' writing.

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To claim that the primary opponents of copyright are white men, who want to tear down intellectual property laws to prey on marginalized people, is blatantly false and outrageous, a complete inversion of who benefits and who has been fucked over.

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@ancient_domains_of_word another element of this I've seen discussed is in the last century (and probs still sometimes now) is men who Accomplished Great Things often relied entirely on their wives for free supporting labor. like they would take care of all this household things which is a huge amount of work obvs, but would also often provide free editing etc. any time sexist ppl talk about how "well there's more men leading science/art development etc" i think a lot about that

@ancient_domains_of_word@monads.oncause like even for women who make their own careers in art/science fields, both then and now, they almost completely lack that supporting labor which made many of those men's accomplishments possible

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