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Hi, I was pizza_party@snouts and when I was feeling like shit I decided to request an account here.

I honestly don't know how much time I'll be spending on the fedi in the next few days, but I'm grateful I got approved and that I have somewhere else to hang out if I want to.

oh your Turing machine is broken? hmm. have you tried Turing it off and back on again

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for my next bit I will treat CS problems the way computer nerds treat literally every other area of expertise

I never realized how easy it is to have terrible, douchey facial hair, until I had my own.

computer science: turns out we can use math to prove that vast classes of problems are not computable

also computer scientists: it would be ridiculous if the brain was not a computer

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When somebody who hasn't talked to me in a while asks me where I'm staying I get so paranoid. Alarm bells go off in my brain and I act like I'm in the witness protection program.

like the Player 2 joystick on an early 90s Capcom arcade cabinet

honestly i really wish that some time in school had been spent teaching how to interpret films/music in the same way that a lot of time was spent on teaching interpretation of prose fiction

the denver police are using tweets as evidence to charge communists with felonies, in case you're wondering where we're at.

Gonna go watch "Ghost World" this new movie about two girls from an indie comic book, it's definitely going to age well.

yeah i said it


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