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To really spell it out, because there are people on here who think they are discriminated against for being German: I am saying this place applies oral suction to the anus, because it is hostile to people of color. This hostility manifests in myriad ways, including portraying men of color as uniquely aggressive, dangerous, and hypermasculine, and grilling anyone who has a racial/ethnic background other than WASP on their knowledge of their own culture and their blood quantum.

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It's a good thing all the antiracist white leftists on here are inoculated from the rampant anti-latinx propaganda that has been going around the US for the past half decade or so. You know about latinx people being overly aggressive and very dangerous people that need to be kept out.

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I used to think only right wing assholes who rant about urban elites believe these kind of things, but here we are, with unexamined prejudices and racist baggage from before we got woke.

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Hi, I was pizza_party@snouts and when I was feeling like shit I decided to request an account here.

I honestly don't know how much time I'll be spending on the fedi in the next few days, but I'm grateful I got approved and that I have somewhere else to hang out if I want to.

That's also why only rich people live in cities. Poor people can't afford to live in cities, so they don't.

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It is a well known fact that only rich people go into debt. If you're poor, you don't have any money, therefore you can't spend too much money and go into debt!

I think my favorite talking point I read on here is that student debt forgiveness is pmc or whatever because it only benefits rich people. lol. gee I wonder what happens to a society and economy with zero debt. good thing history is for rich people because workers can't read so I can't figure this one out.

@georgespolitzer i would hate it if it were easy to get an education. this would never benefit the working class!

When the utility monster cums it's over because that's infinitely better for it than any orgasm you could possibly get so it's not worth its time to get you off

Remember when Trump thought insurance was like 20 bucks a month or whatever? Well they learn that ignorance young.

lmao I didn't realize when I wrote this that Nozick was a libertarian. This makes so much sense.

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What if I gained more pleasure from not doing the dishes and blasting Crass at 3 in the morning, then you did from not doing all my chores and sleeping? Guess you're ethically obligated to keep me in the squat.

You see Mr. Bond, rather than stealing the crown jewels I have minted an NFT of them, thus creating a non-fungible receipt that I can trade on the open market. What? Well no, the jewels are still in the vault- no, the owner of the NFT can't actually take them, but it's a public record you see. Recorded on the blockchain. Here, let me pull up a YouTube video that explains it, wait right here

ahhh thanks roko's basilisk, that was some great head you gave me. uh, you can stop sucking now basilisk. basilisk? please stop sucking. please s

The idea of quantifying pleasure as pleasure units is also very good

What if there was a thirsty little flower that gained more pleasure from being pissed on than you would gain from not pissing on it?

hate it when someone fucks my bicycle

but then i consider that whoever did it was probably more happy to do it than i am sad sitting on a saddle that has someone's splooge all over it. the total happiness in the world increased

He's just going to keep going until he's used up all the pleasure units

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Back in the day, who didn't like Eminem?

[every song is about how Eminem makes one group of people or another very angry, and how that makes him happy]

its like saying “we all supported the iraq war back then” whats all this “we” shit

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you know, theres people out there who say things like “it’s embarrassing to like eminem now, but back in the day he was really good!”. those people are fucking liars.

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