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It's a good thing all the antiracist white leftists on here are inoculated from the rampant anti-latinx propaganda that has been going around the US for the past half decade or so. You know about latinx people being overly aggressive and very dangerous people that need to be kept out.

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I used to think only right wing assholes who rant about urban elites believe these kind of things, but here we are, with unexamined prejudices and racist baggage from before we got woke.

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Hi, I was pizza_party@snouts and when I was feeling like shit I decided to request an account here.

I honestly don't know how much time I'll be spending on the fedi in the next few days, but I'm grateful I got approved and that I have somewhere else to hang out if I want to.

a quote from jim davis: "By virtue of being a cat, Garfield's not black, white, male or female, young, or old or a particular nationality."

this just in: jim davis thinks all cats are nonbinary, but more importantly, garfield is canonically nonbinary

Putting on my designated pair of washable opera gloves as I shove my entire forearm up my man hole to remove a single tampon the size of the Ikea shark plushie

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Tampon removal glove


how far in do they think you need to reach to take a tampon out?

Begpost, Please Boost 

I'm really stressed about this bill in particular because i really don't wanna have to deal with possibly losing coverage when my husband has to drive an hour 1-way to get to work

i need $145 to cover our car insurance now

my commissions are open and discounted, DM if interested

otherwise any and all help is appreciated

CashApp: $MuttMusk

Venmo: MuttMusk


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She had legs for days, smoking eyeshadow, and a pussy like a portugese man o war jellyfish

literally only logging on here to post the morrisey emoji


You can consume hundreds of hours of American news and never hear about a single thing other than Democrats vs. Republicans. The conflict between the political parties is all it talks about any more.

I think it has been deadly. The default framing of red vs. blue warped how people received Covid news.

i think rob liefeld should guest draw a chapter of golden kamuy

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