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To really spell it out, because there are people on here who think they are discriminated against for being German: I am saying this place applies oral suction to the anus, because it is hostile to people of color. This hostility manifests in myriad ways, including portraying men of color as uniquely aggressive, dangerous, and hypermasculine, and grilling anyone who has a racial/ethnic background other than WASP on their knowledge of their own culture and their blood quantum.

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It's a good thing all the antiracist white leftists on here are inoculated from the rampant anti-latinx propaganda that has been going around the US for the past half decade or so. You know about latinx people being overly aggressive and very dangerous people that need to be kept out.

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I used to think only right wing assholes who rant about urban elites believe these kind of things, but here we are, with unexamined prejudices and racist baggage from before we got woke.

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Hi, I was pizza_party@snouts and when I was feeling like shit I decided to request an account here.

I honestly don't know how much time I'll be spending on the fedi in the next few days, but I'm grateful I got approved and that I have somewhere else to hang out if I want to.

everyone says they want a cool illusionist gf with huge honkers but when a tanuki with massive milkers keeps transforming all your coffee mugs into rats and they run all over the counter suddenly theres an issue

just gazed into my crystal ball and the big fedi trend for the fall 2022 season is gonna be getting derangedly horny for illusionists and stage magicians

All I had to eat today was a lobster roll and clam chowder. That was at 9 AM.

I have successfully escaped Boston without being jumped by techies in mascot costumes.

I am 9 months pregnant and could go at any time, my family just now managed to raise what we needed and get approved for housing! Move in is Tuesday, but we still need to find $500 for utility deposits before we’re allowed in and a truck to get our crap to the home!

Thank y’all so much for getting us this far, we’re so close! It’s a great area for my wife to find work :)

$app: $glamorshark
venmo: @londonshine

fire bombing a Dunkin donuts to send Boston a message

mika just called a carabiner a "lesbian clip" and i desperately want to make fun of him for this but i have a carabiner in my bag

where can I get a anatomically correct hyena fleshlight? healyn wants to know but he's too scared to ask publicly

@dankwraith there was a guy on silicon valley who like, his whole deal was he did 6 spaces or whatever instead of a tab and a woman he was on a date with gently ribbed him for it and he like, had a meltdown, went ape shit, dumped her, then fell down the stairs out of her apartment

i hate ship and fandom culture i hate that people can’t watch shows normal style let alone shows that are about literal children ya freakin weirdos

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hes calling it a ban because he'd rather die than delete the tweet comparing his top surgeon to josef mengele. grandpa is not well and needs to be put down like a rabid dog.

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He saw me get annoyed and sit down do now he's moved and sitting down, while the guy behind him is still here outside the barriers. Istg these two haven't gone outside before and don't know what the barriers mean

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This dude standing like a dipshit outside the line barriers, but he's the first person and another dipshit is standing behind him so I'd feel like an asshole if I skipped them

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