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chavris (chav travris (tristan travris (tristan travris (...

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i still can't believe i stacked five cans on nunpa's head that one time

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we need to like carve something into antivaxx/antimaskers foreheads like in inglorious basterds, so we can spot them after this all is over

money help, boost please 

Welp I need 600$ by the end of the month to pay healthcare or lose it. The pittance I earned from current gig won’t make it til February and my proper job won’t start til then either. Please anything helps. They fucked up my plan and this month I got 0 subsidies to pay for healthcare. I got other bills too but they’re not on fire, yet.$fillertrack

On Venmo: fillertrack

i just think everything should have nice macros, i can take it from there

replacing the italian paiament with all ladies for one session, then all paul rudds

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they should do for every media property what they did for ghostbusters: give it one reboot for the ladies, and one reboot to erase the ladies and replace them with paul rudd, everyone loves a paul rudd

i woke up thinking i'd just had a "very horse girl dream" but i have no idea what that meant lmao

now i haven't been paying the closest attention but i've gathered that hyperlink gave some sort of presentation to the italian senate?

Jess starts a job Sunday with any luck! We need help keeping the car in the meantime though. Soooooon this’ll all be over 😩

Car payment is $150, any boosts or assistance highly appreciated!
Cashapp: $glamorshark
Venmo: @londonshine

@boobshaver wow dang who is this witty and charming sexy lady?? 😍​

hot toplessness, nudity, food 🔞 

these are just some of the innuendoes from the full video lmao

i'm rocking that combo midwest–southwest accent

@geesehoward 🤚ring ring ring bananaphone
👉 hon hon hon le francophone

people have pointed on to him that this is just a modern journal anyone can buy online and you see, sure, it's modern but someone penciled in a bunch of stuff and that stuff, that stuff that someone penciled into a modern journal could still totally contain amazing templar oak island secrets, you see

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