bin laden had pokemon on his hard drive but no save game so we can't even figure out his team

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you know whats fucked up, the cia can just host whole episodes of tom and jerry

selling my drug free piss on Craigslist. stipulating several times in the ad it's not for sex reasons and I'll blacklist you if you use it for horny

@seventy yeah people who can do logic to that level are inspiring

“wacka…wacka?” - me as im being snapped out of existence in thanos: avengers

@seventy yeah theres some funky behavior that makes stuff act weird

@whiskers pokeball in pinball ruby and sapphire? so kinda?

certified geek, gamer and 31337, wet as Poggers make that cringe game weak

i feel such an affinity for this image of naruto drawn by the mangaka of jojo's bizarre adventure

not the worst experience ive had with randos but the high strung gamer energy plus trash talk that wasn't really warranted and the litanies of "dudes" and "bros", its a real energy killer

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i regret to inform yall gaming with the pirate lesbians Sucked and Was Bad

black mesa is a really loving recreation of half life 1 but it plays like if doom 2016 had no mobility actions or supply pick-ups

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