@a_rock LMAO

I want this to be a troll account so badly but on the other hand "i mean i thought i did until today" is so fucking defeated like GOD

@a_rock Disruptive revolution, my friends (spoiler : it is not)

@a_rock That person really isn't familiar with the concept of "speculative bubble"…

@a_rock and this guy isn't taking the piss? come on, what?!

@a_rock Je ne m'étais pas intéressé aux NFT jusqu'à présent mais ça a l'air bien fendard. :)

@siegi people are speaking french to me??? mods???

@a_rock Oh sorry i think you speak french because your toot was boosted in the french part of the fediverse. :)

In english: I was not interested about NFT until now, but it seem very funny. :P

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