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i just dm'd myself 'shut the fuck up' and i want to publicly say that i will not be doing this, thank you

yu gi oh and fight club are both stories about a man who manifest their ideal self, self actualize through battle and theres a vague notion of anti capitalism

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yu gi oh the anime does share a lot of similarities with fight club, now that i think about it

mika still hasnt answered whether 5 dark magicians in a trench coat is a sufficiently distinct entity from dark magician, this is fucked up

@a_rock technically speaking Atem is Yugi's stand, so we're reaching some levels of Stand-ception

technically speaking, dark magician is atems stand

Showing up at my psych as a well adjusted transwoman, going "hee hee hoo hoo" while pilfering their shinies away in a large sack

Turns out hocus pocus by focus is that song with the sick riff and some asshole yodeling, thank you spotify

Technically most vehicles are "waterproof enough to serve briefly as a boat"

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@a_rock i cant believe real big the cat got their dick unsucked

im not being sucked off rn,,, must be an enemy stand user waiting for someone to drive it into the water before realizing that without an outboard prop or at the very least tracks fitted around the wheels, it won't be able to move

anything serves briefly as a boat, the question is 'how long"

please release this thing, i would Love to see a bunch of idiots drive their expensive toys into the sea

the clips will be hilarious

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