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#introductions poast since I guess Mastodon's seeing some new people. 

Heyo, I'm Rade. Mostly chill, into a handful of games, kinda slow to warm to new ones (but it does happen). Mostly DRG, drydick crafting-survival, Morrowind for comfort, Genshin Impact, and the standard cyclical relationship with Minecraft. Getting into k6bd and late to the Homestuck party (which I'm still about 60-40 in favor of it being a protracted bit a lot of people are on despite my reading it, but I'm down for the ride either way).

Communist, bowl of queerios, intersex manlet in a happy relationship with my hallucinations and a violent one with dairy. Yes, you can ask. No, I may not necessarily answer. *pats roof of self* This bitch can fit so many boundaries!

I always check follow requests, but recommend throwing at least a smattering of stuff on your profile (especially if you're new and you don't have enough posts to help draw the picture) so I have something to go on.

(part 2 next let's fucking goooo)

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re: #introductions poast since I guess Mastodon's seeing some new people, poart 2 

Charcuterie board:

Flirting: cool in small doses, just try not to be intrusive and weird about it if I don't know you. I know that's kinda nebulous with room for error, but a mistake doesn't put you in a bad light so much as you reacting defensively when I let you know it didn't land. If it doesn't and I let you know and you're cool about it, we're cool. Also I'm extraordinarily, magnificently, majestically gay. Write that down.

Minors: no interacting, please. Maybe that exclusion feels shitty, but consider: respecting boundaries is evergreen cool.

Reply guys/bigots/assorted assholes: I'm not gonna play the game with you. I get your flavor, you're blocked. Not gonna wait for you to tick all 10 Red Flags of Your Particular Bullshit.

Should cover it. Welcome to *gestures widely* this

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Just posting a reminder (because it is in my bio): please don't interact with this account if you're a minor. That boundary's in place for a reason. It's a good idea (if you are a minor) to check people's bios before you do interact so you don't wind up making someone uncomfortable, even if you don't mean to. Thanks

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Probably should stop not-shitting and introduce myself, so:

Hi, I'm Rade. Most of the big stuff's covered in the profile, so different stuff for here.

In a relationship with Star Trek: it's complicated. I like drydick survival crafting, begrudgingly play Neverwinter Online, liking Genshin so far, and to my great shame I know what the achievement system in Runescape looks like.

Intersex trans man in a skirt? Idk still figuring out the gender stuff. Not in a big rush about it. My dick is normal.

Communist. Bane of Commodes. Oenologist but for Thanos hog. Having a normal one

*same sea shanty voice*

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@geesehoward thing that will never stop being hilarious :
Fart jokes
Deez Nuts.

Do not cede that ground!

The terms of debate should entirely be "who is the US to decide who lives and who dies around the world?", we should not be conceding that the US is even in a position to judge by talking as if the targets goodness or badness is relevant!

me on lighting 🤝 the hoes
love it when you hit it from the back

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when u stop down a lens and the lights do this, share if agree

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no one will ever be as powerful as trans bears are tbh

mixing two or more types of pasta in the same boiling water

ngl if Lenin had actually decapitated capitalists with a sickle that would have ruled, so

Elon is found crying into a pillow on his Gulfstream. "None of you understa-ha-ha-haaaaaand!" he says as he gets the horrible news that he has received his ten millionth 'lol cunk' reply on Twitter. In a melodramatic fit, he runs from the room, tears blinding him as he stumbles right into the cockpit and right into the pilot, who is knocked out cold when his head slams into the dash and the plane ends up smeared across a field

Famine --> Definitely intentional and super evil!!!
Covid --> Oh my god, zero covid and lockdowns, that's super evil tyranny!!!! I will not comply!!!!!

you think workers who produce things should not be in charge of shit? who do you want to be in charge then?

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you are a waste of space if you are anti-communist. i dont even want to look at your ass

the most fucked up thing is. spacex has flight attendants??? musk can't go to space without his hyper misogynist fantasies of female servitude??

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