Once again I look for the user all my friends are dunking on for saying headass shit only to discover it's someone I blocked over a year ago.

I found an anime coming out soon that looks absolutely amazing, but I'm not gonna tell anyone about it directly, I'm just going to show it to people once it's out.

gonna make a passive help post because I mean, why the hell not

I’m 36 weeks pregnant and could go any minute, trying to get our little family into our own housing before birth. My wife has good Union job prospects, we’re just running very low on time.

any assistance will go towards application fees, rent, and deposit. thanks so much y’all for getting us this far!

$app: $glamorshark
venmo: @londonshine
revolut: @glamorshark

Probably the best part of using the Aeropress is how easy it was to clean compared to other coffee presses. It also brews very quickly as advertised, but I'm usually not in a rush when I'm making coffee so I don't really care how long it takes to brew. Cleaning up after yourself is always the most annoying part of the process so having that be easy is always a big plus.

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I tried making coffee with an Aeropress for the first time this morning. The instructions that came with it didn't apply to the kind of coffee I wanted to make with it, but I couldn't really be bothered to look up a recipe so I just winged it. The coffee came out nicely full-bodied but didn't bring out the flavors I like from that roast very well. It still tasted good, but not great. I'm going to try a different grounds/water ratio next time and see if it comes out better. A decent first attempt

I'll give you a pass if you're like 21 and you somehow still believe in this country. if you're in your mid twenties or older and haven't figured out that this place is irredeemable it's just embarrassing

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Part of radicalization is dealing with your past fucked up opinions, and being criticized for that is something you have to accept. You're not really radicalizing you ignore that.

help a black girl and her sisters escape an abusive home:

Please help raise a remainder of $675 [late fees included] anything additional urgently needed to escape ongoing SA and mistreatment

c: $yungirll
v : yungirl

the three major types of inadvisable bio:

-here are all my psychological issues
-here are all my kinks
-here is where i work and the state that i live in

imagine what has to be inside the mind of someone it took until 2022 to become disillusioned by the united states government

ma'am this is the third week that you have walked in, grabbed a decaf coffee beans bag, talked to me and other staff about what coffee you wanted, and then realized, after paying "oh shit, I don't want decaf"

okay but would you believe me if i told you

that soul hackers

did the computery whisper voice



hes the batman of my DCEU (Divorce Cinematic Extended Universe)

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[looking at a bug] you are just like the hollow knight

oh shit new fucked up hinamizawa architecture just dropped: this extremely narrow door

if we don't get a second season of shokei shoujo no virgin road because of the pissbaby isekai enjoyers who got mad that main character-kun got murdered in the first episode i'm going to flip out

norman: what do you want?

green gobbler: to say what you wont. to do what you cant. to REMOVE those in your way.

norman looks at newspaper saying supreme court justices found dead in their homes

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It’s the same reason a lot of wealthy folks in the Global North throw around “think of all the starving kids in <x-developing country>”, when actually they have plenty of starving people much closer to home.

The faceless “Third World” starving person is deemed more worthy of their sympathy because they can project their own beliefs onto them.

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