how many miles of amazonian rain forest do you think needed to be cleared to make steak umms shitty product

im going to fucking choke whoever runs the steak-umms account

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aw hell yeah, i'm pogged out of my god damned mind as i see they replaced a statue of robert e. lee with a toilet in baltimore

the temptation to annoyingly infodump in someones elses menchies vs the knowledge that they would not like it

bro stop talking about who killed JFK you're scaring the hoes

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AI faceswaps have limitless collage potential

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A friend of mine is a Navajo trans woman who's trying to help her 100 year old grandfather afford a hearing aid so he can talk with his family again – boosts & shares good, every little bit helps 🙏💕

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re: shooting 

sometimes its the little details youknow

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the fedex shooter was a fucking brony who wanted to see applejack in the afterlife hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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dug through a box that hasn't really been opened since the last time we moved and found a bunch of art supplies and an old sketchbook and damn there's some good shit in there i forgot i ever drew


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