What if everyone's alone forever until humanity goes extinct

Much like Ian miles cheong I am too obsessed with the politics of a foreign country and am trying to have the worst possible takes on it. Also I look like shit

"a true poster respects the Content warning that is the foundation of the fediverse"

Lovely Ikea room comfortable shelf chair books desk comfy laugh live love happy room room

Considering how much the highest levels of the bourgeoisie don't consider children people already given how much they're photographed with Epstein it's probably the former

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It's going to be interesting what the cultural response to thousands of children dying on a regular basis will be. Are under 18yr olds just going to be considered non-people now? Or is it going to be like school shootings were everyone feels bad for a second then forgets immediately

Go back to work you little pig or I'm going to shoot you in the head

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All the terrible reopenings for schools is probably how they're going to eventually treat everything

My personal prediction for what the state is going to do is eventually just force everyone back outside and make it semi illegal to talk about COVID-19. you mention that a family member died in public from the disease and a man in a black suit comes to your house later that night and they physically torture you for hours

My phone is so epic Everytime I try to use Firefox it collapses

It's cool and good that two of the jobs with any sense of organized labor (teaching and mailmen) services are being sold off to a bunch of rich pedophile freaks

If you support palestine, are a communist, or interested in the emancipation of labor, the first amendment is just scribbles on some paper. No one in the media will come to your defense and no lawyer will help you with costly "libel" court battles

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The thing about free speech in the USA is that it doesn't exist and I don't mean it in the fossbro way

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