SHOKING BAN! the truth revealed about Wasbappins fake somali account
CHRISSY-CHANS WEBCOMIC IN SHAMBLES! The dramatic truth of an artist gone awry

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writing a gossip magazine but its just about various online freaks who i periodical check up on

tfw youve carefully managed your stocks to become a leader of global capital, at the literal top of the food chain, and a bunch of epic bacon men ruin it by over-inflating a failing video game company

itd be really funny if redditors caused a massive economic depression

i dont think its firmly in the spider network but it definitely seems adjacent

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doing research on teratogens for class and learning some interesting shit:
- Gruenenthal, the german pharmutical company that caused the Thalidomide scandal, hired a nazi war criminal known as Dr Mueckter as their chief scientist
- brazil actually re-patented the drug after the scandal four years later and its been on the market ever since to treat leprosy, with unknown numbers of brazillian children effected

the virgin moviebob vs the chad doug walker

when you constantly hornypost about another girl at the planet fitness online and then one of your fans from your own subreddit report you to the gym and you get banned permanently

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when you get hopelessly addicted to an artificial sweetener named stevia and claim that it gives you magic powers in the ring despite losing more fights than winning

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when you fuck your dead brothers wife and then leave him for another woman and then name your child with that woman Beau

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time-sensitive mutual aid request [food, parents] (~) :boost_ok: 

So, long story short, I need money for groceries. I don’t want to have to ask my dad for money ever again, but a demiguy’s gotta eat, as well as pay bills & rent. I can’t really do all of that on disability payments because I keep needing to borrow more money off my dad than I can afford to pay him back.

As well as this, the microwaveable, store brand food I had been buying now has this weird taste to it that makes my autistic self just go, “Wtf is this shit?” And I’m disabled in other ways that makes it impossible for me to cook atm. D:

I can only use PayPal atm, which sucks, I know. Thank you, fediverse.


like getting obsessed with an weird overseas movement of a country that have you never visited is a uncommon type but still around yknow

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I wouldnt say Tulsi Gabbard represents the majority of americans but I feel like her beliefs are more representative than most people in congress

learned that hunter biden fucked his dead brothers wife, had a kid with them, and then broke up and now a year later has another kid with a completely different woman that is named Beau after his dead brother

die die die die die die die die die DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE

these days you cant even threaten to assassinate politicians online without half a dozen glowies looking up your ass

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