today i went to the aquarium with my friend and i saw a yellow sea bunny. very cute. much bigger than i expected

re: really old drama. like 2016 

their art is very dialectical. its obviously supposed to be cute but its incredibly disgusting. it makes me want to throw up. liveleak decapitation videos are less gross than what they draw

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really old drama. like 2016 

RCDart is very fascinating to me because they seemed to go out of their way to make the worst artistic positions possible. every weird curve of fetishistic line was deliberately chosen. they did post other art which showed artistic talent that wasnt creepy/bigoted

you guys know computers can you help me launch disco elyisum pls

cicadas seem to emerge every year. so dramatic

Steam is just refusing to play disco elysium for me. everytime i try to launch all i get is the loading screen and then black. anyone else have this problem

marinas brain has been completely filled with hollywood globohomo empowerment bullcrap

I hate all of marinas new stuff so much. its so vapid and uninspired

tbh i like doom but everytime the lights flash on and off i get dizzy

my apologies to any tajiks for not being able to identify your flag... it is a very beautiful and noble country

tfw they dont understand basic world systems theory

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