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Oh yeah! I almost forgot, but when the doc that diagnosed me with Huge Bladder came around and put the ultrasound on my writhing belly, it popped up on the screen and there was just this VOID like my entire torso was empty 😱​🤘​

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right now I make bad covers for bad sci fi anthologies but my dream is to one day make mediocre art for my own reasons

Dreamt I was hosting a massive party with a buffet and trestle tables and plastic wizard hats and staffs. and before eating most of the guests were sitting by themselves with their books and notebooks, doing TTRPG chores

I think stockard channing would have made a superior lois lane

The worst kind of dreams 

A) dream where you perform the tedious tasks of the following day

B) dream where the dead return, they know they are dead and they weep in terror, begging you not to wake

C) dream where you pee

I'm not british but I still think it's neat that the queen will soon die, inaugurating the Edwardian era

also I want to go out in the bad weather and have it whip around my face a bit before then

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wondering if I should just chop 20 or so inches off before then so the barber doesn't get scared

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Dreamt that people were eating dinners off my prone body and getting barbeque sauce on my face, until I snuck away and went to my bed. I don't know why people think dreams are obscure or difficult to interpret.

also makes me really annoyed that I've chosen to render foliage with a pen, like a victorian newspaper illustrator

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watching bob ross makes me feel connected to my grandmother (a painting teacher)

another birthday, another year of having vanquished and defeated my haters




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i hope google gets hit hard with the antitrust hammer, it would be about fucking time

husband noticed immediately that I was reading children's stories to the kid in the style of adam curtis

I just know that the third child of the couple I know with sons Riker and Tywin is gonna be baby Squid Game

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