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Oh yeah! I almost forgot, but when the doc that diagnosed me with Huge Bladder came around and put the ultrasound on my writhing belly, it popped up on the screen and there was just this VOID like my entire torso was empty πŸ˜±β€‹πŸ€˜β€‹

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right now I make bad covers for bad sci fi anthologies but my dream is to one day make mediocre art for my own reasons

Occasionally I feel I have something meaningful to contribute to discourse on racism, but then I remember that j k rowling also felt that way

the resentment implicit in "humans made this-- for their DOLLS."

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in the mornings I often put on Arrietty to chill the kid out for her nap. I'm always moved by the scene of the doll's house: how, to the borrowers, whose main danger in life is human beings, this extravagant gesture of goodwill is a cruel and poisonous trap like the feast in Pan's Labyrinth

at some point in a fit of madness I outlined my own Wolfgang Reitherman movie. it came out in 197X, and it is called For The Birds, and it uses a whole lot of recycled animations. Phil Harris plays a roguish crow who takes an orphaned sparrow (Bruce Reitherman) under his wing, in spite of the protests of a fussy falcon (Sebastian Cabot). together they learn that monarchy is actually legitimate, somehow

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the baby: (imitating the flapping wings of a pretty butterfly) fuck. fup. fap. fuck. fuff. fap. fuck.

Horror movies thread: His House 

I usually avoid horror movies about a house, because they tend to be american and to have a ghost that sucks. this one is british and is about refugees. it is about how it is very hard to deal with ptsd when you are effectively in jail in a hostile community for the crime of escaping getting massacred.

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Horror movies thread: The Platform 

I love Cube! This was a genuinely worthy successor, where instead of the inmates debating how the Cube could come to be and how they were going to escape, they focused on how they could convince everyone to be communist.

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Horror movies thread: The Hole in the Ground 

Sometimes the themes of a movie are the loud part and the events of the plot are the quiet part, and that's how it is with this Irish movie about a woman escaping an abusive husband and finding that her child suddenly seems to have been replaced with a changeling after going near a hole in the woods behind their new house.

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Horror movies thread: Veronica 

You never see a proper poltergeist movie-- you know, a movie about how it's so shitty to be a teen girl that the shittiness manifests as a whole malevolent entitity. That's not technically the premise of this Spanish movie, but it is not a kick in the ass off it

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Horror movies thread: Apostle 

Kind of a good effort, but it takes some time out in the middle to be Lovecraft-style racist against the Chinese, and also horror movie protagonists shouldn't escape from their captors with martial arts action scenes because it really drains the tension. still, I was horrified, so, good hustle

The wean has learned to clap and say "bravo", so she's well on her way to becoming sarcastic

me: (trying to remember the term "clothes horse") fashion... dog

Every day I watch an absolute shit-ton of middle-period Disney, Wolfgang Reitherman-directed, Nine Old Men-animated movies where Phil Harris is a loveable rogue who's going to be your dad

the wean woke up from her nap yesterday frightened and angry at us, which I hope to be evidence of a nightmare

Accidentally greeted the roofer at my kitchen window with a friendly smile and a massive big knife, as I was cutting up a melon

curiously what seems to soothe the baby to sleep now that we've taken away her pacifier is neither lullaby nor teddy nor cuddling nor story, but simply counting aloud

I am happy the roofers came today and fixed the gopher-sized hole in the skylight which had allowed it to rain directly into the hallway

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