my jaw is on the floor horrified at these people who got bionic sight implants from a tech startup that went out of business and now can no longer see because their eyes are obsolete and unsupported

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet this article singlehandedly changed my mind about cybernetic enhancements in general. Not that it wasn't already a risk and stuff but to have it so starkly presented and to realize that the people who make life-changing cybernetics are literally the exact same kinds of people who make startups

@shoofle in order for a good cybernetics company to exist you'd need contingencies for cases like this- laws requiring the software and hardware to be open-sourced when the company goes bankrupt for example, or having a centralized, official database of cybernetic enhancement repair techniques that medical professionals and engineers can audit. neither of these would be possible under capitalism

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet sweet, manmade horrors beyond my comprehension. And I've lived to see them

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet their eyes are obsolete and unsupported

this shit sounds like a Black Mirror episode or Jordan Peele Twilight Zone shit like WHAT

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet what. did they write a manual and publish the source code so some.other company can help? 3;


Yeah, vendor lock-in for your eyes.


Really makes a strong argument for #foss and #openhardware for medical devices...

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet in Europe we force companies to give support and parts for N years even if they fail

@alan that's definitely better than capitalist hellhole America though for something like a bionic implant you'd want N to be the lifetime of every affected patient

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet or quite a large number, I guess 25 would be enough considering that in the meantime people might be dead, or you might get new and better solutions, but yes it’s up to us to decide these things, that’s the point

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