what is the earliest historical catgirl. is it bastet

history side of Mastodon help me my family is dying. are there any candidates other than Bastet for the world's most ancient catgirl

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@RussellsBarbershopQuartet uhhh the only things i can think of off the top of my head to challenge this is if babylonian/mesopotamian history has any catgirls

they might have some lion-headed dudes but they're a bit more into the dude-headed lions, as it were

however i don't know a ton about prehistoric art or non-vaguely-european art, so maybe check out indus river valley shit etc. and of course cave paintings. i admit if there's no anthro animal cave paintings i'll be a tad surprised, so lemme go google that maybe i've been trying to find out if there were any cat deities in the earliest recorded years of China, because I know Chinese history goes WAY back, but I never actually studied it so i'm not sure where to look and my attempts so far haven't found anything

@InspectorCaracal @RussellsBarbershopQuartet honestly i've reached the end of this rummaging around for ideas where i'm starting to want to look up maps of the historical spread of the domesticated cat (since that's prolly gonna be, like, a bit of it)

i'm sure that cats made it all over africa and then europe-and-asian-megacontinent but if you have the dates down a little more firm you can look at like "ok would these ancient peoples be giving a shit about cats and making cat deities yet"

but then you're also hip deep into the real dregs of archaeology where a lot of time the dating is "how old is this?" "idk fuckin old lol, prolly not neanderthals that's as good as you're gonna get :blobcatgooglyshrug: ​" oh while i was digging i found a thing from 2013 about how they found archaeological records of the chinese domesticating asian leopard cats back in like 5k BC

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet it looks like cave paintings go back farther but don't get as specific as catgirls - this indonesian cave painting seems to depict some animal-human hybrids - ,

  • but the types of animal is a lot more wiggly, and they're using the word therianthrope and can't really narrow things down too too much there.

however that one clocks in at, let's see - "at least 44,000 years ago" - so like... oldest furries i guess?

my next place to go to would probably be aboriginal australian myth and art, bc it's a big blind spot i need to work on tbh, but iirc cats are not native to australia. though oral history traditions there do actually preserve the memory of megafauna and other long-extinct animals, i think if you're specifically looking for catgirls, you'll probably come up short there.

the other place where i know i don't have the best sense of what the haps were but you could look at is the various societies of what is now central and south america. there is a much better and fancier word for that but it is past midnight and my brain is dribbling out my ears lol. i know i've seen aztec illustrations of jaguar-headed figures, but aztec is way late for the time period we're discussing. ...however there is sort of the commonality of cultural motifs borrowed from one culture to another there, since there's obviously a whole big long history that's not just "and then aztecs and then columbus", but i am like hella preaching to the choir there i am pretty diggity darn sure.'s a direction to google in maybe idk lol

@wigglytuffitout these are excellent suggestions, ty! I will investigate in the morning

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet ganbatte!! i'm glad at least to give you some leads to google as it were lmfao

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