there's a lot of people very concerned with ableism but who have never googled "conflicting access needs"

a simple example of this on here is adding captions for images. obviously if you can you should, because it increases accessibility for people who are using screen readers, have bad data connections, just don't understand the image, etc. but the fact that it's better to have an image description than not doesn't change the fact that some people here have illnesses that make the extra step of "attempting to transcribe an image" feel like a monumental task, or one they just straight up forget to do because of attention issues. sure, it's an important courtesy, but we've arbitrarily decided that one person's access needs are more important here than another. which isn't a bad thing; it is, in fact, necessary to make these decisions, because resources are finite, needs conflict, and you simply cannot make something accessible to literally every case.

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it gets very much more complicated once you start adding other things to the mix because people aren't one dimensional; access needs are not restricted to ableism

an example here is discussing sex. some people here never want to see it, ever. this is fine. others want to be horny on main. some of this is ofc solved by CWing and properly tagging sex, but at some point if you're asking a queer and trans person to cover up every single mention of their sexuality.... I should hope it's obvious why this is something that feels bad.

these are conflicting. neither side is has a moral argument, they simply conflict. if that means that these two people don't interact much, that's fine. if it means one of them blocking the other, that's fine. you simply have to do this to live as a person sometimes

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there is an untold number of people you "block" in your daily life because you don't like them simply by choosing to not be in the same room with them, and the only difference between that and this website is here you have to click a button to do it

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet I feel like it would be used a lot more if it was just called "Avoid"

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