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biological sex? haven't had that in a while because of quarantine

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friendly reminder that if you report me, a jew, for antisemitism, your instance will implode

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lewd math joke 

I'm here to suck the dick of everyone who does not suck their own dick themselves. do I suck my own dick?

I don't even see the code. All I see is foot, toes, soles.

please president xi... invade california and distribute the covid vaccine

shoving eggs in my pito and then flattening it so they shoot out like a BB gun

i too have put a whole dozen eggs up my ass, but it was for the gains. boofing raw eggs is more efficient for nutrient intake

open to see flowless's fursona 


i sometimes feel bad about not CWing gross shitposts but then i log on here and see various people posting about putting a whole egg in their ass for sexual reasons and no one has called to defederate with over it

@lancer discord: can we stop talking about oviposition

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