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biological sex? haven't had that in a while because of quarantine

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friendly reminder that if you report me, a jew, for antisemitism, your instance will implode

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lewd math joke 

I'm here to suck the dick of everyone who does not suck their own dick themselves. do I suck my own dick?

it would be fine, too, if I made straight women feel more comfortable being vocally Into Men rather than the default, which seems to be to allow straight men to wallow in not having any idea why anyone kisses them

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I'd like to think the sheer detailed intensity of my thing for men will, over time, drive a lot of girls into considering lesbian identity because it forces them to confront that on the scale of people who like men, they're statistical noise compared to my flagrant 10/10

local butch is all hard lines, other local butch is all soft boi curves, we love it

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I gather the children around the barrelfire and hold up the ceremonial An Ten Na. I begin reciting the legends of the ancient lost culture: The PeterLois, the Meg, the Chris (for whom I have named my son), the Merry Hounds and the Infant with the Mind of a Man

when the revolution happens I will be executed because I know what the difference is between a wavedash and a waveland. I have accepted this

i should get those headphones with the cat ears on them


consent-machine goes brrrrr (from ny mag)

If La Riva isn't on the ballot in your state, consider this candidate instead

nya, im going to flatten your pito! >:3c

isolating the gene that makes people enjoy playing super smash brothers melee

We were talking about soy sauce and my other partner called me a Soy Boy because I drown my sushi in soy sauce, and I had to tell them that was an Internet thing

if you ever describe anything as "pro-democracy" you're a fake journalist

heterosexual is like "attractive girl made of soft curves. attractive boy made of hard lines" but soft boy curves?? soft boy lines???

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