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biological sex? haven't had that in a while because of quarantine

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friendly reminder that if you report me, a jew, for antisemitism, your instance will implode

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lewd math joke 

I'm here to suck the dick of everyone who does not suck their own dick themselves. do I suck my own dick?

doing research on teratogens for class and learning some interesting shit:
- Gruenenthal, the german pharmutical company that caused the Thalidomide scandal, hired a nazi war criminal known as Dr Mueckter as their chief scientist
- brazil actually re-patented the drug after the scandal four years later and its been on the market ever since to treat leprosy, with unknown numbers of brazillian children effected

larry king and larry davis are gone, by the rule of thirds this means larry the cucumber is next

they may have started without me, causing the stream to have to look at this for a full match

note the name of the arena

fuck writing technical docs in the third person, i made this shit and if you don't like it i'll kick your ass

anyway in my ongoing battle with trying to figure out how Ogata's face works: one issue is that I knew a guy, in the Biblical sense, who had that eye shape, those kind of eyelashes, and that facial hair, and I even got to draw him once or twice… but he had a very low nasal bridge (which matters a Lot for drawing the eyes) and also a very round face so like what am I supposed to do with that when trying to draw this narrow-faced man with a sharp jaw and a medium-high nasal bridge

you can have a pronounced epicanthic fold without having a low nasal bridge but having a low nasal bridge is a pretty good way to end up with a pronounced epicanthic fold

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the problem with googling things like "epicanthic fold" for research/reference is that you run across a lot of depressing explainer graphics by plastic surgeons who specialize in """""correcting""""" this natural and beautiful trait 🤢

anyway if white genocide has to start with me I'm okay with that

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