instances should have theme songs and opening sequences where the main posters turn and smile at the camera in slow motion while their name and @ are displayed in the lower third

i'm the "with special appearance by" at the end, looking over my newspaper and smiling indulgently

@PhoebeWallerPalladino For monads, all I can imagine is something resembling Too Many Cooks

@PhoebeWallerPalladino lol, why didn't I think of that? Obviously the theme song would be by Mr. Cicierega

@PhoebeWallerPalladino I wonder what .social’s roster and theme song would be

@lemoncarrots @PhoebeWallerPalladino 🎵 hey baby i hear the toots are comin', tossed salad and scrambled eggs🎵

@PhoebeWallerPalladino I love this idea, but the uncomfortable truth is that I'd be the only person in my intro.

@sean wow dude you had time to watch tv sitcoms in between operating drones to blow up civvies? interesting

@geesehoward nah, they wouldn't let me touch the controls because I scored too high on the aptitude test. Figured I'd ask questions. I'm just an avionics maintainer for rusting F-16s.
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