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the problem with capitalism is eventually you run out of other countries' resources

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what is a person? what is a legacy? who is the self and of what does she consist. is the world made up of the loud brash movements of the great galumphing men, or the sculpture-jazz negative space in amongst between?

how can i divine the gossamer tendrils that bind my life to others, and cogitate on their care and feeding, and speak them into robust wholesome life

some facts about frogs that were just revealed to me in a dream

  • they can't actually breath underwater
  • but when they eat things they can take their oxygen and not need to breathe for awhile
  • a frog's heart has a separate consciousness from it's brain

can everyone please say a nice thing about how nice it is to know dylan. hes taking a break and i want to send them to him

i feel like i actually have a fairly normal, healthy relationship with instagram. i just mostly post selfies and pictures about major life events, and i fav the same from friends. i follow a good mix of people from irl, friends from on here, strangers i admire, and the very occasional restaurant or brand. and then i look at the account of some rando dude who throws me a fav and he's just following 100% hot babes and like, idk, grow some interests dude

some of you have too weak of constitutions for . i am sorry to learn of this

sexual batman, terrible 

@PhoebeWallerPalladino @Aleums why did i click this. why. why did i click this. why did i click this.

Hypothesis: any Batman media would be better if you removed Batman

we mustn't imagine batman any longer, at all. we have given him too much purchase in our imaginations already

has anyone here fucked a yeti? i'm in a real "should I, should I not?" situation right now

coat of arms? i sure hope it is! i hope it's a coat of torso too

i do walk well in heels actually. i am not graceful in many other respects but heels i can handle. fucked up i don't get.more opportunities to exercise that

*poking my head out of some scratchy underbrush* does somebody need a coat of arms emblazoned???

impressed with how easy it was to change my name and how kind the judge was; painfully aware of how much this was a common law proceeding and thus at the mercy of the jurist's whimsy and societal tides, not to mention my own very trad femme presentation (nice dress, shaved legs, heels, walks well in heels, makeup, long hair, timid) probably greased the wheels

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