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@zorotl so back when monads neonyms were a thing, people used to name themselves after philosophers and stuff. but im dumb as hell so i named myself after ladies who made tv shows i like:

amy sherman-palladino, creator of gilmore girls

and phoebe waller-bridge, creator and star of fleabag

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the problem with capitalism is eventually you run out of other countries' resources

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@PhoebeWallerPalladino excuse me good clerk, does this establishment accept payment in TrizCoin?

me at safeway, buying a pack of gum: so do you have change for a trillioonie

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they should mint the trillion dollar coin and then give me the trillion dollar coin

okay but what if we replace USB-C with TRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRS

my partner's favorite joke is one time when she spilled coffee on her laptop and she said "oops i downloaded java to my computer"

ok my no scanner having ass is about to send a work email to the hr manager involving attaching photos from my phone, pray for me 🙏

There's a CDC ad campaign running on TV trying to promote vaccine awareness and getting people to get the fucking shot and their tagline as "It's Up To You" and I see what they are TRYING to say with that, but honestly given the current climate it feels very irresponsible to use that phrase

@PhoebeWallerPalladino I remember the week when byte was a thing you posted some good ones and I thought "Dang, triz has a good voice, I would listen to her say more words"

not looking forward to the passport replacement process, which is the next Big one, and the most expensive. that one's gonna have to wait a couple paychecks

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if there's any (hearing) mufos who haven't heard my voice by now i'm just gonna assume you're trying not to

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