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officially revoking my former policies, it is now acceptable to refer to me as "revolutionary," "an inspiration," "my personal heroine and the reason i get up each morning," &c.

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@zorotl so back when monads neonyms were a thing, people used to name themselves after philosophers and stuff. but im dumb as hell so i named myself after ladies who made tv shows i like:

amy sherman-palladino, creator of gilmore girls

and phoebe waller-bridge, creator and star of fleabag

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the problem with capitalism is eventually you run out of other countries' resources

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anyway dunno if anyone heard me but I'm Getting a Top Surgery Referral

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meeting a friend in a half hour, i should get out of bed lmao

replacing the italian paiament with all ladies for one session, then all paul rudds

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they should do for every media property what they did for ghostbusters: give it one reboot for the ladies, and one reboot to erase the ladies and replace them with paul rudd, everyone loves a paul rudd

they should cast report of the week as the joker. idk who's currently the joker but they should replace them with report of the week

i woke up thinking i'd just had a "very horse girl dream" but i have no idea what that meant lmao

@boobshaver wow dang who is this witty and charming sexy lady?? 😍​

hot toplessness, nudity, food 🔞 

these are just some of the innuendoes from the full video lmao

praying that my father may secure me a good offer of marriage, in order to consolidate our family's alliance with the furby modding community

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