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what is a person? what is a legacy? who is the self and of what does she consist. is the world made up of the loud brash movements of the great galumphing men, or the sculpture-jazz negative space in amongst between?

how can i divine the gossamer tendrils that bind my life to others, and cogitate on their care and feeding, and speak them into robust wholesome life

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are you an every day carrie or a special occasion samantha

starting a christian wrestling league called "chapter and vs."

I should eat dinner at a Burger King bathroom

my sister's best friend growing up ended up marrying the organist for the canucks lol

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well i have been to vancouver, b.c.. so yeah, i'm thinking i'm an international woman 😎

happy international womens day to the men with wives on here

@witchy remembering a time on here when someone was like "happy international women's day to all the women who inspire me :)" and one of the people they tagged explicitly said they're nonbinary in their profile

happy international womens day to all those non binary people who get gendered as a woman regardless of how many times they tell people theyre non binary

biden saying everyone will be vaccinated by may makes me lmao. sorry.

eleanor has claimed once again the very center of the bed, and just lightly mushed her elbow in my face, but i still have my share of the blankets so i'm calling this a win

I'd like a pepperoni
Ok, what si-
And I'd like another pepperoni
Ok what size for bo-
And another pepperoni
I'm going to drop your dough on th-
And another pepperoni

for international women's day i am going to hang up on every man who speaks over me while i am asking him pertinent questions about his pizza order

so since it’s International Women’s Day, they played “Run the World” for like eight bars, then interrupted it to play another song

how on the goddamn nose can you get

it finally happened, just had that thing where you wake up in the night with an idea so clever that you have to write it down for the morning. it just says “huey lewis and the poos”. thanks i suppose!

periodic reminder that if you must break mufos, it's just polite to soft-block

happy intentional women's day. i'm women (intentionally)

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