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Thank you to for suggesting I make an account here

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Many thanks to the proud patriots who protested to STOP THE CORRUPT CERTIFICATION yesterday! Why can't more people be like this brave man?

I am the president, and I am white.

ℹ️ Get the facts about white admins

Gargron Eugen, release the emails! You saw what happened to HILLARY CLINTON!!

I have handed over possession of the nuclear codes to @flowless3

choosing which 2 presidents i kill democratically. currently i wanna do bolsonaro and erdogan the most but im willing to negotiate

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the chinese government has banned the monster hunter movies and, allegedly, removed it from their corner of the internet. so i guess im a tankie now. thank you president xi for killing this monster

Advice for new Mastodon users who may be a little afraid of leaving Twitter 

@caymanwent also you can say you'll assassinate the president and its chill

me, after stealing a metal gear and aiming its nuclear payload at the white house: mr president these are the terms of your surrender

-megaman legends 3

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here's hoping that we get biden as president and bernie as vp so i can put my sniper elite skills to good use

welcome to terrorism have this welcome pamphlet and a complimentary lollipop now anyone wanna kill the president of the united states dondald trump

when i become president of the united states, every citizen will have to denounce the flag or be put against the wall #morgan2020

@CornishRepublicanArmy doing a self quarintine by sniping the president from my home (im wearing one of those sick masks)

jumping from a plane. spinning forward. faster, spinning faster. i fall on the president, dropkicking him, killing him immediately

me, about to kill president of the united states donald trump: im about to end this man's whole career

@Turbostoner666 :Weeg: a-hey m-m-mario!! Every US president has been a war criminal! Luigi time!

what if we… kidnapped the president… and asked for a nuclear arsenal in return .. aha ha, just kidding.. unless..?

cloud puts away his big sword. "mr president of shinra, have you considered monetizing green energy?"

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illegal to say that i wanna kill the president of the united states, whoever were to hold that office

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