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if you ever liked my posts, you fell for my ploy, my ruse

you've been giving me the digital version of scritches behind my ear while i make noises for entertainment, I've fooled you all and i win

i hope they announce Gabriel for strive just to fuck with everyone that went back to rev2

moaned during the KDM session on accident, i got my ass nominated for death

My thought process when posting on here is like getting behind the mic at a rap competition and trying to meow seductively until I get booed and pushed off the stage by the DJ.

i gotta learn salesforce, r, excel programming, c++, blender, and proof of stake node management within a year, very comedic

god i'd KILL to have the confidence to just ask this in Party Finder

dunkey saying that he introduced people to unknown indie games and then gives example like Celeste and Hollow Knight is like saying "hey, i found this kinda underrated anime called Lucky Star, real indie stuff"

the dainty little hold on their dress is so funny i lost the round after seeing it

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